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  1. I absolutly love Origins foundation and cover up. I use this http://www.origins.com/templates/products/...DUCT_ID=PROD371 Its a lot lighter better for people who have acne. and this concealer pen http://www.origins.com/templates/products/...ID=CATEGORY5718 hope the links work! this stuff has never made my skin breakout. however everyones skin is different! good luck! (hope the links work)
  2. haha dang! sounds gross! everyone gets ingrown hairs hurts like a mother!
  3. Iv only been on this regimen for about a week, see'ing huge improvement. Only have one big zit and some little bumps under my chin. My skin is pretty flaky around my chin and above my lip. So im going to ease up on the bp in that area, every where else is fine for now. Hoping this regimen can control my acne! fingers crossed! cheers!
  4. I use origins foundations (the light one in a tube) and spot concealing, and there press powder. Its prettty light, no harsh chemicals. a little pricey but its the only foundation that has not made me break out.