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  1. Who did the test? What kind of results (quantitative) did they provide? I did this recently with Immuno Labs, and I haven't quite started testing this yet. I reacted (+1, 2, 3) to ~36/154 foods. Reaction levels are 0 (none), 1,2,3,4 (highest) Biggest ones: almond (+2) egg (+3) milk, cows(+3) milk, goats (+2) brazil nut (+3) oyster (+2) tomato (+2) yeast, bakers (+2) yeast, brewers (+3) So, they say to avoid ALL of the foods, but sheeh, I'm already avoiding dairy and am on the low GI d
  2. I've been on these boards for months, sadly. I'm a "maximizer" decision maker, and when it comes to my face, I want the best solution. Re: Total FX vs. Fraxel Repair -- my cosmetic derm doesn't do the Fraxel Repair (I should ask him why next time I do the TCA Cross), so I would rather do something he is comfortable with that force something new. But, I suspect both are good -- I'd love to hear why one is better than the other, but I haven't found this yet. The other thing to keep in mind abo
  3. This is a new one for me: http://www.blackwellpublishing.com/esdr200...ct.asp?id=18510 " In further experiments the direct treatment of incisional wounds with tretinoin was examined. Treatment with tretinoin started the same day as wound setting and was continued for 5 consecutive days. Tensile strength was measured on day 7 and day 10 after wounding. In contrast to the results obtained with tretinoin pre-treatment, a decrease of tensile strength in the tretinoin treated animals was observed i
  4. Can you get an appointment with a cosmetic dermatologist for an evaluation? This is likely your best bet. From what I've read, it seems that for most people, TCA Cross (it has risks!) first for deeper scars, then perhaps a laser (it has risks!), are the best bets. And, this is exactly what my cosmetic derm recommended to me. There is also a laser for pigmentation, but this should be for acne that is long gone... A good derm should examine your scars and give an opinion for appropriate trea
  5. How do you know that the breakout wouldn't have scarred if you didn't use the Retin-A?? This is a very good question. Were the spots that scarred the same/similar to other acne that didn't scar? Did you pick/drain/extract them, even carefully, in any way? Were they "really big" cysts that might have scarred anyway? Did you apply anything else topically to them?
  6. Of course, I suspect that most people on this board are here because of *problems*, not successes, so I think the successes would be underreported, unfortunately....
  7. From searching for "scar" in this forum, I find a fair number of people who have seemed to notice more fragile skin and/or scarring after use of a retinoid. Has anyone continued on using a retinoid where the skin is more fragile and/or scarring from IB, but the acne is under control after several months/years? E.g., for more than 3 months? What happened? Some details: I think I have this scenario, but with the complication that my face seems to be 80% better on tretinoin (0.05%) tha
  8. Thanks, Anti-Em. I appreciate your reply -- at least it make me feel better, because it's driving me nuts. 3 derms did not think any of the side effects are related, so I'm left with coincidence, which hard to believe. I'll probably stop using it on my nose, and just do every other day on my beard area and see what happens. Sucks, because I feel like something could happen at any time, but I have to stop thinking that way, because it's no way to go about life, for anything. Too much worry
  9. That could be it; Renova is actually a bit moisturising and has never irritated my skin, even with daily use. I can see how Retin-A would make skin more prone to scarring if it makes it irritated and peeling all the time. Sounds like cream-based retinoids are where it's at if your skin can handle them without clogging up. I think that RAM time-release is purported to be less irritating. So, perhaps it's just the cream base. " Are RETIN-A MICRO® and RETIN-A the same? While RETIN-
  10. Does this sound like it has happened to anyone else? Is your skin too delicate after being on tretinoin? Do you get more scars/large pores? Is the damage "done" and I just should stick with it to see what happens? I can't seem to get a clear plan of what to do, and I need some advice. Background: (sorry for rambling -- I just need to get this out there!) Tretinoin cream 0.05% is clearing most acne, but is causing several possible side effects. I'm been using it from Oct 2009 u