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  1. Coxy

    Day 35

    Sorry guys I have been a bit quiet I work for Nike in Football and well of course we are so busy with World Cup mania!!!!! Anyway - how are things..........they are good. Went to my follow up Derm appointment and had my bloods done which were all good and because he was happy with the results so far on 40mg he decided to keep me on that dose which I am happy about as the only really bad side affects are my lips and some dry skin on my arms - nothing else. All the nasty cysts have gone but I
  2. Seriously good stuff - honestly I had such bad cysts that I could hardly touch my chin and jawline and this stuff really helped. I couldn;t believe the difference it took all the inflamation away within 2/3 days. I was prescribed 2 x 15mg for 7 days and then 1 x 15 mg for 7 days. I was only on a short course which I am glad about because one of the side affects can be weight gain! Good luck the stuff will really help with the pain that these cysts cause.
  3. Coxy

    3 weeks and counting

    Well I have to say this is the best decision I have EVER made! My skin has improved soooo mich all the cysts and redness has gone and I only have a couple of pimples left. Seriously when I went through the intial breakout I felt so upset because it was hideous and like many of you I just wanted to stay in bed and hide from the world! Anyway thigs are so much better now and I am starting to feel confident again! No real other side affects apart from really dry lips and slightly dry skin on
  4. Coxy

    Day 15

    Whooo the cysts are almost gone and the redness has gone way down thanks to the Predsione (or whatever its called). Anyway still some flakiness but nothing too scary and lips are still dry as hell. Had to buy some special PH balancing intimate wash for down there ridiculous the amount of lotions and potions I now have for this. I really have to say that Aloe Vera Gel 100% that someone recommended for me to use at night is fab - really takes down the redness and is meant to be good for scars!
  5. Great news about the skin - not so great about the finger chick Glad things are getting better - I am feeling sooo much happier my cysts have really gown down and just have a few pimples left over from the IB. Not sure whether I should excited yet though as scared I could breakout again as I am only on Day 15! But overall some flakiness not too much.Keep in touch
  6. Coxy

    Day 12

    Well still loads of spots and still loads of flaking............... Actually saw the Derm today and got put on Predsinone (cant spell it) thank god the pain and inflamation was getting too much! I have been sitting with ice on my chin for days now and the pain was incredible. Anyway just really glad he actually prescribed me something rather than sent me hope telling me what did I expect! No change really just more and more spots. Funny thing is although I am dry I am also oily again on m
  7. thanks guys - just spoke to the Derm and he has prescribed me some anti-inflamatories to collect tomorrow. I am kinda relieved to be honest as it's bad enough looking in the mirror let alone being kept awake at night with the pain!
  8. Am now on day 11 and boy this IB is killing me! I have so much pain around my chin area it's unreal. I have loads of cysts come up and it's so painful, I iced them last night in the hope that some of the throbbing would stop so I could sleep which helped temporarly. The problem is I have been taking Ibruprofen each night during the last 3 nights and am worried that this pain is going to continue. Has anyone else experienced this pain with their IB?
  9. Coxy

    Day 17

    Hi Guys,I am also glad its the weekend - god this week has dragged like you wouldn't believe, I am also a picker - oops! That has been that hardest thing this week actually, I am so used to jumping up out of bed each morning and inspecting my face to see what gross erruptions have happened overnight, that it has become a morning ritual. Anyway I am desperately not picking as I am scared the scars will be hideous if I do - mind you there is no way on earth I am going to work with whiteheads all
  10. Coxy

    Day 9

    Well after having kinda a rubbish day yesterday I am feeling happier today! Went to bed last night feeling miserable and had a really bad headache! Thank god it's Friday and I have a relaxing non-eventful weekend so I can just rest my face and relax! Things are definately druing up it is amazing how quickly things change. I am drier and a lot of the horrid spots that came up are going down and drying out. I am desperately trying to leave my skin alone and not pick so as we speak bits
  11. Coxy

    Day 8

    Thanks chick I will try and get some of that stuff online I think as it;s not something I have heard of!
  12. Coxy

    Day 8

    Uuugh couldn't even write my blog yesterday as felt kinda down in myself, skin very sore and scabby and still breaking out! Anyway today I thought I would list my positives/negatives so far: Positives: Hair not greasy at the roots like normal Eyelids and skin overall not greasy like before Negatives: Breakout is still happening and very painful to touch and crusty and scabby Head starting to itch Nose bleeding slightly inside (not helped by the hayfever season) Can't really we
  13. Well I am sure this has probably been on this site time and time again but I juts dont know how I feel about applying this thick greasy cream to my chin - which incidentally is breaking out mentally and swollen and nasty - but is also of course dry and scaly and itchy! I did apply it last night but spent the whole night worrying about whether it would make me errupt even more - can I have your thoughts as to whether to are all using this even though you are breaking out and whether it makes t
  14. I applied a blended mix of Lavendar and Tea Tree Oil on to a pinful spot last night - I personally think pure tea tree oil might be a bit harsh I would dilute some with water and then dab it on with a tissue/cloth. My skin is driving me mad because the outbreak is quite bad my face feels swollen
  15. Coxy

    Day 6

    Well the flaking is here and my face is dry and tight! So the dilemma was what to do with my face for work....so decided to brave it and just use some bare minerals powder conceler and blush. I must admit I felt a bit naked but it took some of the redness down on the spots and now my skin has started to flake it looked better than using a heavy liquid foundation. My skin is quite sore as I have a lot of cysts from the breakout but am determined to leave them alone and not touch my face.