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  1. I have been on accutane three times. The first time the acne came back quite quickly, at this point my doctor started me on Diane 35 again, and eventually as my skin continued to worsen, she put me pack on accutane, this time for longer. I stayed on the Diane 35 for a few months after the accutane, and eventually stopped. My skin stayed clear for a while, but about five or six months later the acne came back with a vengeance. My doctor then put me back on diane 35 and accutane, and it took
  2. I definitely agree that accutane is much more likely to help with depression than it is to cause it. I was dealing with depression/anxiety the year before going on accutane for various reasons, and had no problems while I was on the drug. Having clear skin really helped with those issues. I have unfortunately had to go on accutane three timesnow (hopefully that was the last of it) And find that I feel so much happier with decent skin. Having the acne come back is so deflating to self esteem.
  3. I have fair skin that burns easily, and if I didn`t use sunscreen while on accutane this summer I would get a burn very quickly. Even just sitting out in the sun on not too hot a day for about an hour gave me a burn. You should definitely keep re-applying sun screen and stay in the shade when you can.
  4. Earlier this year I was in this position. I started accutane for the third time (I've had a particularly rough go) and the initial breakout was giving me some of the worst cystular pimples I have ever gotten. This breakout seemed to last forever and it felt like it would never go away. But it did. Right now my skin is perfectly clear, I am just ending my treatment and haven`t had any sort of breakout in months. It will get better. Hopefully this will be it for me, fingers crossed it doesn`
  5. Good for you, I am in the middle of my fourth round and I wouldn't hesitate to do a fourth if I needed. I really hope I don't but I wouldn't be all that surprised. I think if you haven't experienced problems in the past, go for it, the benefits outweigh the risks. Good luck!!
  6. I am on my third course now, and each time the acne came back it started with just a little and built up. It has never been as bad as it was pre-accutane, but I would say it is definitely worth it to go back on. My second course was more successful than my first, and I am hoping that the third will knock it out for good. I haven't had any side effects and I would say that if you were fine the first time, you should be fine again. Good luck!
  7. Hey guys, I thought I would tell you about my accutane experience and get your opinion. I first went on accutane during the summer of 2007, when I was 18 years old. I started with 40mg and stayed on that dosage for a couple of months and then went up to 60mg. My total time on during that round was 5 months. (two or three months and 40 and two or three at 60). When I went off my skin was dramatically improved but not perfect, and the acne soon came back, though not as bad as before. During