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  1. I have been eating lc/moderately high fat/moderate calories for almost 5yrs. Have lost about 125lbs. LC didnt help my acne at all. I think its hormonal with me and may be trying some progesterone cream. It does help alot of people i have heard but not everyone. So far, the regime has worked pretty well. It at least keeps the worst of my acne at bay and i just get the occasional breakout. I just wanted to say its a great way to eat and will make you much healthier but dont just do it to clear you
  2. I started using acv a couple weeks ago, putting it in my water with my crystal lite flavors. I noticed this thread so i have started using it as a toner too. I only started a few days ago so we will see how it goes. I mixed half acv and half water and use it after washing my face in the evening and then use dans bp, let that dry, the use moisturizer. I have great success dans regime so far. Been doing it for a couple months and my face is clearer than it has been in years. I still get a breakout
  3. I have been doing the regime now for about a week and am finally starting to see some good results. What i had on my face is drying up and nothing has popped up YET!!! I think i may have discovered part of the problem. About a week and a half ago i bought a new system from cvs, bought the cleanser, serum and moisturizer. I think it really made things worse. I stopped using it a few days ago and started with the regime and things have gotten a little better. I took the products back to cvs and wa
  4. I hate this acne! Its not fair that some of us have to go thru this and some dont. I feel like i need to hide all of the time. I started the regime 2 days ago and started taking niacin. I am getting a few more pimples here and there. I already had some as it was and now im getting more! Maybe im just purging and it will start to get better. God, i hope. I am gonna give it the full 3 months and see hwo it goes. Something has to give! I eat really healthy. Low carb all the way. I dont eat hardly
  5. Hi everyone, i just found this site and am gonna try this regime to see if it helps me at all. Im 38 yrs and struggle like crazy with acne, especially since im perimenoposaul, it has really gotten worse. Im going to stick with the line of cleanser and moisturizer i have. I am using skin effects glycolic cleanser, cell2cell anti wrinkle serum and their glycolic moisturizer with spf 30. I have been using benzoil peroxide 10% as a spot treatment. Doesnt work well, so I went to cvs and bought acnef