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  1. So after 9 months on a low dose of claravis, my son has officially been finished for 3 weeks. His skin has looked amazing after the first few weeks of starting the medication. His worst side effect was the peeling lips. They were constantly peeling no matter how much aquaphor or any lip balm he used. It was funny 7 days post accutane and his lips went back to normal. So far, Accutane has been a miracle drug for my son. We could not be happier with the results.
  2. Hello My 14 year old son has been on accutane 30 mg for 75 days. He is going in for surgery to have his tonsils removed. His dermatologist wants him off his accutane during the 2 week recovery. His face is perfect...the oil is all gone, very little dryness, and not one pimple! What should I expect to happen to his skin while he is off for the 2 weeks. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this! Thanks
  3. Day 59 Can't believe its been 2 full months. Dermatologist increased the dosage to 30mg. My son has no pimples and his oily skin and hair are still perfect. It is so wonderful to see people's reaction to him when they haven't seen him in a few months:)
  4. Good luck to you! My son is on 20 mg a day. He weighs 120 so he could go as high as 55mg and his dr feels a lower dose for longer is the way to go. I wouldn't worry so much about your low dose. I have found several people on this website starting at even 10mg. My son responded so well his first month the dr decided to keep him on 20mg again for the 2nd month! His skin has never looked better and he is only on day 44!
  5. Day 43 My son has had a few pimples this week but very small above his upper lip. He hasn't had 1 cystic pimple since starting! He really isn't experiencing any side effects and just keeps aquaphor on his lips He is started to train hard for cross country so we will see if he experiences any joint pain!
  6. My son is also on a low dose 20 mg and he is 120pounds He is 14. It took him a few weeks to dry up but now after 33 days his skin is so clear and oil free including his hair! It has worked very quickly on my son!....His lips started getting real dry during the 2nd week and he just moisturizes morning and night and keeps aguaphor on his lips all day long!
  7. You may get more oily but just wait a few weeks and you will be really dry...it seemed to happen over night for my son! His hair was also extremely oil and looked like it needed to be washed after 5 hours of a shower and now it is amazing!! His face was always shiny and now it just looks perfect and he is only on day 33! Good luck to you!
  8. Day 33 My son had 1 pimple appear 2 days ago..its already gone! Everything else is still going great so nothing new to report! I think back to last summer and all the prescriptions he was on both antibiotics and tons of different topicals and just can't believe how wonderful this is:)
  9. It is sooo worth it! My son had most of those antibiotics (no b/c pills of course) most of the topicals that you used too...NONE of them worked..He has been on on accutane for 30 days. He had a few initial break outs in the very begining but has not had 1 pimple in 10 days! His face has never looked like this! Make sure to moisturize every day and night and always have something on your lips and DONT leave the house without it! Aquaphor works great. Good luck, soon you will be soo happy you
  10. Day 30 Went to the dermatologist yesterday, the doctor was quite impressed with my son's progress. He said he has responded very well. He does not for see any more big breakouts like we did during the first few weeks. he said that usually the first month is the most breakouts and since he is competely clear now it should be really mild if anything decides to pop up:) I think its been more than 10 days that my son has even had a new pimple. Everything is gone. (my 11 year old daughter said to h
  11. Good luck!! I can say accutane helped in less than 2 weeks dry up all the oil on my son's face and hair!!! He was shiny all the time and his hair looked greasy and oily 4-5 hours after washing it! He looks amazing right now and is only on day 27!!! I hope it works this fast for you. I have heard that oilyness can come back after the accutane course but usually its not has bad! My fingers are crossed:)
  12. I wish you a lot of luck! I wonder if you can order aquaphor online?? It really is amazing stuff and works fabulous on dry lips....which will most likely happen in the next few days. Good luck to you!
  13. Day 27 We went for blood work today and have the dermatologist appointment on Monday. I am actually excited for them to see how well my son's face is looking! He has had no new pimples in the past 5 days and his lips are not really dry anymore...just aquafor 2 times a day now! I never thought 4 weeks ago his skin would look this great! I can only hope this medication helps everyone on here as much as it has my son! I will update after the dr appt and tell you all if they raise his dosage!
  14. What is everyone using for dry eyes?
  15. Day 23 My son's face has been amazing!!! He has had no break-outs in the last 5 days. His face looked great for his 8th grade promotion dance! Yesterday he got complimented on his complexion from a friend's parent that doesn't know he is on accutane!!! He was beaming! He goes for blood work on Saturday and to the dermatologist on Monday...I am wondering if they will increase his dosage since he is only on 20mg and can go as high as 55mg. Thanks everyone for reading and I will keep updating!
  16. Hi All I was just wondering if anyone has skipped one day during their treament? My son will be gone from 7am until 11pm at Disneyland with his school. I didn't plan ahead and have the dr fill out a permission slip and then a teacher could give my son his medicine(which I am sure would embarrass him to no end) and I am afraid he will get caught if I have him bring it in his pocket...so I thought I would let him skip it..Has anyone else done this before??? Thanks
  17. My son has been using jojoba oil in his moisturizer twice a day. He adds 2 drops. I found it at Whole Foods in So California. I have also read some people put it on their lips at night but he hasn't tried that since the aquaphor has worked so well
  18. Thanks for the advice...he is now just washing 2 times a day since PE is over until September...I didn't know Cetaphil comes in a cream I am gonna goto Target now and buy some. His peeling is only under the nose but that is where the majority of his break out is now. He is lucky his cheeks have never had acne. He is on day 22 now. I will be following you it sounds like you started at the same time. Good luck!
  19. My son is on 20mg and he had an obvious "intial break out" on Day 10...he went to school clear and came home with at least 7 white heads and few bright red all in the area where he was normally breaking out...it calmed down quickly only to happen again on Day 18...again those cleared very quickly..luckily non have been cystic so they are clearing quickly. It seems everyone is so different so maybe you wont have a bad break out! Good luck! Drink tons of water and don't forget something for your
  20. Day 19 Outbreak from yesterday is almost clear...this is amazing! His lips were looking a little dry today but not peeling like last week. Keep your fingers crossed for no break outs tomorrow...he has his 8th grade promotion dance tomorrow!! Thanks
  21. I think you are right to only wash 2 times a day...the dr was concerned since he has PE in the middle of the day...Luckily yesterday was the last day of that for the summer so he will stick to twice now. Thanks for the advice:)
  22. Thanks!! I think I'm having pretty good luck with it so far! My besides my lips being real dry, I actually enjoy the dryer skin, especially on my scalp. Sweaty, greasy hair really doesn't look pretty, especially going into summer, and regularly, my thin hair is prone to being that way.. your progress is amazing! How was your skin for prom?
  23. thanks for the good luck vibes...we can use them :D His face never bothered him using all those products! He also had tried Ziana and Aczone! Yep we have a huggge basket filled with perscriptions! Luckily we have very good insurance and the dr gave us a lot of rebate cards so some of them were free :D
  24. Day 18 So I was thinking I wouldn't update every day but after the bad outbreak today I thought I should. He woke up clear, came home from school clear, washed his face after school and within 1 hour 7 new ones popped up some are big whites heads one is huge and red all around! He said they don't hurt so no cystic ones now which is positive! He isn't acting upset like he did last week with his initial break out so that's another good thing...Oil is still completely under control with hair and
  25. Thanks for your response...you are so sweet! I am not sure what the doctor will increase his dosage too. He is 5 ft 6 in and weighs 120...so she can go has high as 55mg...40mg sounds doable...when your dosage doubled did you have a bad breakout??