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  1. I have had what looks like a large black head on my shoulder for almost a year and a half now. Its about the size of a pen tip, has almost a greenish hue, and I can feel a slight bump when I rub my finger across it, it feels like a small ball underneath my skin, and this is the only place on my body I hav it. I hav tried exfoliating it and squeezing it but its so deeply rooted that I feel like if it does come out a hole will b left or a huge scar. wondering if this is rly a blackhead and if anyo
  2. I was wondering if anyone has used Murad's regimen for rosacea and sensitive skin? It's really expensive and I want to get as much information on it as I can before I drop over $100. So, have you used it and seen results? Good or Bad?
  3. I have mild acne on my face but my skin is very sensitive. I work out every day in the afternoon and I'm always debating on wether to wash my make up off b4 I work out or afterwards. I don't wear heavy make up just a light powder foundation on my T-Zone and very little mascara. so far I've been washing my face b4 I work out and also after I work out to remove sweat. when I do this I notice my skin becomes very irrated red and dry. I am afraid that if I dont wash my make up off b4 I exercise that