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  1. The worst part is that I look back to my pics 6 or 7 months and my face was completly clear and now? Shit I just feel hideous. A couple months back girls would look at me because Im pretty sure I caught their eye, and now I catch their eye but in a bad way. And what sucks even more is that I should be in the happiest mood ever because I graduated as an engineer 2 weeks ago, and I already have my dream job lined up for me to start in a lil over 1 week. But here I am happy as hell when I dont thin
  2. So I had/have post acne red/brown marks....I know many women use make up to cover up their marks. But what about us men? I have been making really good progress with these marks by changing my lifestyle....BUT...when I go out I still get stares...It sucks because people didnt see how it use to look before lol SO! What products can I use to cover up my red marks....im being realistic and im not expecting everything to completely disappear....AND it has to be something in which it will make my
  3. Oh yeah and just take pictures to track your progress. I did this because there were days i was like shit im not making any progress! But then I took pictures every 2 or 3 days and I can seriously see the difference, its improving my moral and self-esteem more.
  4. Alright so I dont know which one of all is working but I'm not changing anything until its all gone. REMEMBER THIS IS HELPING MY SKIN COULD DIFFER FOR OTHERS. My 411: * 22 yrs old * Checks don't get oily or dry * Forehead gets dry sometimes * Chin and around mouth area always get dry * Did skinID but shit crapped out after 2yrs * Stress breaks me out * Bad eating habits break me out * Less than 8 hours on a constant basis breaks me out My daily routine: Morning 1. Wash face
  5. oh snaps my bad lol...i had similar ones 3 or 4 years ago...so i was clear for the period in between last time and this time...Controlling my stress and eating habits will not change from now on because i dont want to go through this any longer in the future.
  6. Making some good progress in just a little under 2 weeks...almost all the super redness went away..lets see what these bastards look like at the 1 month mark By the way this is comparing it to the first pic where i had tons of acne marks
  7. Yeah I had similar marks about 3 or 4yrs...it only took around 6 months, not completely but you could hardly even tell unless you used those 16 times magnified mirrors lol...but then again thats when i exercised alot..well see....no stress = healing sped up 2 times But if laser works out for you guys let me know...im down to pay up to $2,000 so i dont deal with these marks for 1 yr or more.
  8. Everybody has problems yes, but some peoples problems are worse than others. I wish I was privileged enough to say that my biggest problem in life was that I dont like my job, or that I was having relationship problems. Everyone just likes to bitch and complain about things that arent that big a deal. They would not be able to live a day in my shoes. It isnt "crap" so shut the fuck up. I cant get happy, I honestly dont remember what its like to feel that emotion. Douchebag. I feel you man.
  9. I agree with her too. I use to eat tons and tons of junk food and meat. But after going through the worst breakout during my last few months of college I changed my eating habits. I know for some of you acne products worked but in reality you will only fix the problem TEMPORARILY. Eliminating acne starts from the inside not the outside. Everyone's skin is different but I guarantee you that if you eat veggies, fruits, and a minimum of 2 liters of water per day you will not only feel better about
  10. Naw I actually didnt jump from product to product during the breakout, I used only SkinID. SkinID was working pretty good but then decided to crap out on me, but I really blame it on the stress, 3 hrs of sleep each day and tons of junk food I ate (TONS). I guess my mistake was to not switch to something else when I had the chance, literally i had 5-6 pimples pop up everyday for about 1 week. So this was just 1 week of damage. The only way I cleared up is by switching over to st ives but now "bas
  11. Thanks guys! Sucks that my face just crapped out a few weeks before I graduate from college :/ lol oh wells staying positive is a must at this point.
  12. So I have combination skin....since my skin dries out alot around mouth and chin I need a moisturizer that will help me with dry areas and normal areas. Any ideas???? also sunscreen if you have any suggestions on that end? Thanks
  13. I know my scars are going to take time to heal but can you let me know how severe they are. They are all scattered on my cheeks. Have any of you had similar post acne marks or seen someone help their situation with a similar case? If so how did they go about it? Thanks alot. Check out the links to my pics [http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Worst-Breakout-worst-p-t269118.html]
  14. Thanks for the response. Yeah I come to realize that its not going away anytime soon lol. But its weird tho because anytime I have acne marks on my chin they fade away within 1-2 Months max. I guess the cheeks skin works at a way slower pace. I would ever get on accutane since I heard that shit can either work magic or tear your face up plus side effects. I guess im going to have to deal with this like 3 years ago when the same type of scarring happened. I might look into laser treatments or
  15. AMEN! I am dealing with that same exact thing right now. MY cheeks are all covered with acne marks It sucks because I went through the same thing like 3 years ago, then I was completely clear and now BAM here I am in the same situation for IDK what the hell reason. STUPID GENES. But you know what from time to time I say to myself, "who cares" everyday that I complain about these scars is another day I can't get back. You never know how long your gonna live so might as well enjoy anything as muc