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  1. Day 3 The skin on my chin and cheeks is really starting to peel. The new skin is really pink but it seems a lot clearer. My forehead has done absolutely nothing. I am so tempted to pick the skin off, but I am trying not too!! More tomorrow.
  2. Day 2 Nothing different really. Face is extremely tight feeling and very red. There are some brown spots on my checks. It feels like I have a mask on. More tomorrow.
  3. Day 1 it came in the mail today I put on one layer and the stinging was nothing I've ever imagined. I stuck it out and put on a second layer. whew! Made it about 1 minute and had to wash it off. I had no idea it would be so uncomfortable. I'd say take the stinging of a glycolic peel x10!! Anyway, I layed in front of a huge fan and ran in circles until time was up. You just gotta think its about the results otherwise you'll be miserable. My whole face is now frosted and red. My skin i
  4. Alright here are some pictures to show how bad it is to start...
  5. That was very informative...thanks!! I'm going to start a 20% this week...hopefully I see results!!!!
  6. I've been using 50% glycolic acid for three weeks with no effect. I just bought a 20% TCA so shouldn't that be ok?
  7. I've read everywhere and seen pictures about how effective a TCA peel is against acne marks. Therefore, I'm going to give it a try in a couple of days. I thought it would be nice to make yet another progress thread. I have about 6-7 days off so I should be able to complete the peel. Any suggestions?
  8. Is there anywhere...say on eBay...that I could find a TCA peel for cheap???
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...IT#ht_900wt_911 Would anyone say that this is legit?? It's only going for a penny!
  10. I'm strongly looking into this emu oil. I don't have much money.... I've found this stuff on ebay start ing at .01 cents!? People are winning the bids for about 2 dollars. Is this a scam or should I go with a more distinguished brand? If so, can anyone guide me to a cheap buy on ebay??
  11. I never really had a set regimen...so I may be way off in what I'm doing. I'm mainly dealing with the red marks...any tips?
  12. It should show up in my signature. Any comments or suggestions on it? I get a few pimples a week, but I mainly am suffering from post-acne marks. My skin is very oily when I wake up and as I progress throughout the day. Thanks