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  1. I used to have really, really bad bacne. So bad that it hurt to lie down. It was nasty. Even my dermatologist would make the little eurgh sound of disgust when she checked it out. One day on a whim I decided Id get this wash at my derm's office, called Glytone. it was PRICEY. 30 bucks for a bottle that should last about two months. I decided hey, whatever, nothing else is working and Im slightly desperate. I brought it home that night and started using it with my scrub brush. The next morning
  2. I've read about getting phenol peels for really deep skin problems, like wrinkles and even freckles. There's almost no doubt that this would help get rid of the under the skin problems. BUT. The healing can take several months; you're essentially stripping off ten top layers of the skin. Your skin will most definitely look better and the improvements will be very long lasting (some dermatologists say you can only get one phenol peel in your life, that's how strong they are), but it will always
  3. Does anyone else get those little, benign bumps near their mouth that just wont go away and dont seem to cause any harm? Whenever I get those, they inevitably turn into big, swollen zits that hurt. They are IMPOSSIBLE to do away with, even when theyre in the small, whitehead form. None of my acne products get rid of them, and scrubs have no effect. They're impervious to EVERYTHING. If anyone has any advice at all on how to nip them in the bud before they turn painful and ugly, I would be grea
  4. Hey man, you do it a hell of a lot less than me. I use my St Ives Apricot Scrub something like 5 times in the shower, then a St Ives Microdermabrasion scrub twice or so. My skin is absolutely fine. I might say cut it back to just once a day if you dont want to get overly dry, but to be honest, you sound good.
  5. Up until about a month ago I had that problem too. I would pickpickpick at the acne above my lip and on my cheeks to try and make then go away and not pay attention to the ones on my hairline, because you couldnt see them as much. Whenever I looked in a mirror, Id notice the ones on my hairline went away MUCH faster, whereas the ones of my lip and cheeks took an eternity to leave because I messed with them so much. It made me realize how much damage you do when you pick your acne. Seriously, pe
  6. That is most definitely hormonal acne, and it is terrible to try and get rid of. I always think 'Oho these wont do my any harm, they're just bumps' and then when my period comes around the next month they get all inflamed and pussy and sdjfnsdjfsdfsd. It's awful. Uh, yes. They are hormonal.
  7. I've got camp starting on Friday (in the middle of the rain forest with no running water. Im freaaakkin out) and lo and behold, a zit that's too sore to even touch popped up on my upper lip on Saturday. It's small, but it's red and oho it is most definitely noticeable. It's Monday and it shows no signs of going away. Ive put hot compresses on it and there's not even the slightest sign of it turning into a poppable white head. I made an appointment at the derm's for a cortisone shot, but I'd rea
  8. I seriously cannot speak highly enough of Vitex. It's an herbal supplement that's derived from the chasteberry tree, and it's been around FOREVER. You can pick it up at a local health food store. It tastes like absolute shit, but the effects are incredible. I used to have almost no acne except for the hormonal stuff (the reason that your hormonal acne is unresponsive to topical treatments is because all of the acne is derived from internal problems, not external ones) around my period, and when
  9. Can I see a clearer pic? I dont wanna freak out out, but they miiiiiiiight be impetigo blisters.
  10. Im curious too. The only time I ever get zits is on my period, hnnnng. I started this supplement called Vitex about 6 weeks ago, but apparently it takes about 3 months to work, soooo I dunno.
  11. When you think about it, yeah, buying acne products really does help the economy. But acne has been around for millenia. You would think there'd be some cure to it by now, but there's not. The government's not hoarding any secret cure, it's just something people have to live with.
  12. I have a couple of bumps on my face, and Im not sure if theyre bug bites or ready to rupture acne. They ITCH, but my topicals often dry out my skin and make it do just that. They dont hurt to poke them, so there's no pus or anything. I just went in for Isolaz, and they treated the spots where I pointed out bug bites, but even THEY couldnt tell what they were.
  13. Holy fuck, dude. Impetigo is terrible. The absolute worst thing. Get medications for that QUICK. The topical stuff is pretty ineffective, go in for orals. Itll be gone in three days. Auuuugh I sympathize completely. Im sorry, bro. That sounds ridiculous.
  14. At a Crash Kings concert, actually. I didnt have much acne at all, but he did. And honestly? I couldnt have cared less. We liked the same music, he was funny, he was cute. We went out for a year. He was my first kiss and I loved him. Dont let your acne bog you down, guys.
  15. If you can afford it, a cortisone shot is your best bet.