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  1. Thanks Ichon, your advice was very useful.
  2. I don't know if anyone is having trouble getting all of the BP out of the Neutrogena On-the-Spot tube, but I've found that banging the tube on the counter really helps. I was trying to force the BP to the bottom like you would with ketchup, but when I cut open the tube to get the remainder out there was always so much left inside. Anyways, just try banging the tube (cap down, of course) on the counter top or on your hand or wherever. It really forces all of the BP to the bottom. I know
  3. Are you using a moisturizer? You really have to use one if you are using the benzoyl peroxide. The BP really dries your face out and your skin will try and compensate for the dryness by producing extra oil. Hence the "Crisco look". Another thing that will occur from not moisturizing enough is the appreance of fine lines on your face. Especially around the eye and forehead area. You said that you were laying out in the sun a few days ago. Sorry, you just can't do that. The sun wreaks ha
  4. Sounds like you have a bunch of clogged pores. I used to get these on my forehead. Could be the Noxzema. Why are you using the Noxzema anyways? You are only supposed to use the 3 steps that Proactiv provides, aren't you?
  5. I've been on the regimen for a little over a month now and like you, my skin was still a flaky mess. I started using the "tape method" a few days ago and I can honestly say my skin is a lot smoother. The tape lifts so much dry/dead skin off your face; it's great. My make-up goes on easier too. Using tape might not be for everyone, but I would say give it a try.
  6. You don't have acne. EVERYONE gets an occasional zit and I really don't think there is anything you can do to prevent that. The best thing is to leave that one lonely zit on your face alone. Sounds like the tee trea oil was working for you. Why did you change your treatment? Go back to what you were doing before and stop worrying about nothing. Besides, as a model, you are probably aware that you could pack some make-up on that zit and make it almost dissapear.
  7. Your skin is improving (I don't think it was that bad to begin with). Just stick to the regimen. (by the way, there is no "t" at the end of "regimen")
  8. My situation is about the same as yours, Pimplehater. I had bad acne in my teens, took Accutane, and was clear for several years. I'm 24 now, and for some reason something possessed me to use Proactiv about 6 months ago. My face was virtually clear, except for some clogged pores on my forehead. I thought using Proactiv would give me flawless skin. Just like you, I broke out bad where I hadn't before (on my jawline). I returned the Proactiv and have been battling my rekindled acne ever sinc
  9. Que guapo! Yo entiendo tu pena. Hay que tratar el regimen de Dan. (estudie espanol en colegio, ojala que este bien) How bad would you say your acne is? Mild, moderate, severe? If it's mild or moderate then you should try using Dan's regimen. It really does work. Tratalo!
  10. Neither one worked for me. Only Dan's Regimen has worked.
  11. I just tried the tape method tonight for the first time using the clear Scotch super-strength packaging tape. The tape itself is about 2 inches wide, which allows for a big area of the face to be "peeled" at one time. I must say, I couldn't believe how much dry skin came off. There was so much, that after being used, the piece of tape wouldn't stick to anything else. I could also tell which part of my face was "taped" because any part that wasn't was flaky. It was like a little vaccuum ha
  12. I tried Dermafina for a month and never noticed any improvements. In fact my face, as with many other treatments, became worse. Luckily, I realized this product was useless before the return policy was up. I went from using Dermafina to Dan's regimen about 4 weeks ago. My face is much clearer now. For me, benzoyl peroxide is much more effective than salycilic acid.
  13. I tried Proactiv about 6 months ago. I was on it for a little over a month and it made my face break out even worse than it was before I started. They tell you to be patient since "your face may get worse before it gets better". What a bunch of crap. Anyways, I had to get off of it since my wedding was only a few weeks away and I couldn't chance having horrible skin. For me, Dan's regimen has worked a lot better than Proactiv.
  14. I was using the Neutrogena Moisture at first. For me, it made my skin burn and it didn't seem to really moisturize that well. I've since switched to the Eucerin Alpha Hydroxy moisturizer, which works much better. My skin is hydrated and it doesn't burn. I guess everyone's different.
  15. Ironeater, Seems like you have the same problem I have. I was on accutane years ago and just started getting relentless break outs again on my jawline and a little on my cheeks. Anyways, since I've been on the regimen (about 2 weeks) my face has cleared up a lot. I still have a few stubborn zits popping up, but they are a lot smaller than they were. I feel the more I stay on the regimen, the better my skin will get over time. I see that you wrote that you wash your face 3 times a day.