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  1. I had non-ablative fractional laser and it didn't do a thing for them unfortunately. I am unable to do ablative because of the risk of permanent hyperpigmentation. I'm looking into electrocauterization or refraction removal.
  2. I am 5 months off Accutane and have clicking joints so not uncommon. You could try collagen supplements, fish oil, or glucosamine. They might help.
  3. No, 2 months of low dose Accutane will not give you schizophrenia. If you feel you are having mental issues, please consult a therapist or psychiatrist.
  4. I would take that study with a grain of salt considering most of the researchers have been paid by Galderma who is, SURPRISE, the maker of DIFFERIN. Adapalene is a very weak retinoid so I doubt it would do what they say it does. However, my derm actually turned me on to a study that says Tazorac had comparable results to microneedling. I’d buy that more since Tazorac is the strongest of the retinoids.
  5. Wow, thanks for posting this. I was feeling down about my scars (as always) and this helped a little. It’s so rare that you see women in the public eye with moderate acne scarring. I feel like it is more acceptable for men to have scars and be considered attractive than it is for women. Comments that acne scarring makes men seem more “rugged”, etc. I can’t think of one actress who has become famous despite having moderate acne scarring. I see a few with very minor scarring but that’s it. A
  6. Here is a photo of my bumps as promised. The large one in the middle really bothers me, I wonder if that would be helped by a steroid injection or silicone. On the bottom left you can also see the divot in my chin that’s popped up in the past month. Maybe filler for that idk. My skin a mess and can’t do anything until I’m done with Accutane.
  7. Sorry for the late reply, I just saw this. Unfortunately, 5 months of Accutane has not improved the bumps at all. If anything I have more at the corners of my mouth but I think those are different than the ones in the middle of the chin. They can come and go unlike the others. Possibly caused by toothpastes but not sure so trying out more natural brands. I will say that I have been on lower doses of Accutane. I weigh 52kg and you are supposed to take 1mg per kg of weight. I started on 10mg
  8. 38 year old woman here with the acne of a teenager so yeah...it sucks. I had perfect skin until my late 20’s though. A lot of people do grow out of it. I, however, finally had to go on Accutane.
  9. Well she looked at them with some sort of magnifier and said she wasn’t sure what they were but that shecould shave them which would possibly leave a scar. She also prescribed me low dose Accutane. I have read that Accutane can help these bumps if they are indeed sebaceous hyperplasia. But it has a chance of coming back when you stop.
  10. I have the same bumps on my chin and the only thing I can come up with is it’s sebaceous hyperplasia. I HATE them worse than my indented acne scars and want to do anything it takes to remove them. I have an appt with a derm surgeon Friday so we’ll see what she says about them.
  11. I have the same bumps on my chin and am pretty sure it’s sebaceous hyperplasia. Not too many derms seem very knowledgeable about the condition and there’s not much I’ve read about that can get rid of them permanently. Low dose acccutane and cauterization only seem to help for a little bit and they come back. Sucks.
  12. I have these mysterious chin bumps too, going on 3 years now. I've tried everything to get rid of them and if anything all the exfoliation makes them worse. Here's some info: --Female, 37 years old, 118lbs, 5'2" --Had perfect skin until my late 20s and it's been downhill ever since. --Also have hair thinning and hirsuitism (I've always been hairy so not sure if it's genetics) but the one hormone test I had came out within the normal range and I've had an ultrasound that showed only one si
  13. I just bought some saline rinse at CVS (first aid section) and used that. U probably had an infection. I'm not sure what you mean by "had an infection." I used a brand new needle head.
  14. I just used my Derminator for the first time on my cheeks and a week later I broke out in this area when it had been clear for several months. So now I will have new scars to contend with. All I used for gliding purposes was saline solution and didn't use any products until hours later, and I just used Retin-A. Is this normal?