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  1. Sorry to bump this old thread but I had the exact same experience as tman378. I used the blue tubes (original formula with propylene glycol) for 2 years everyday straight and it kept me 99-100% clear during this period. After getting a reload on bp gel I started breaking out badly with pretty bad, deep acne and could not understand why... Well I soon realized that the new white bottles had a formula change to butylene gylcol. I tried switching back to the old blue bottles (what I had left) and t
  2. Well, I have been using what I have left of the blue tubes (which isn't much) for the past week and now I am back to basically perfectly clear!!! I am 100% certain it is the new white bottle formula that is breaking me out! The New white bottle formula may not affect all users but for me and a bunch of other users it does not work and causes breakouts. Please Dan, If you have any of the old blue bottles (with the old formula) leftover I will gladly purchase them off you. There has to be a solu
  3. I aswell as many others are breaking out from the new formula change in the white bottles after being 99% clear for over a year. You may not know the reason for your new found breakouts. There is a thread going on the Products Forum. Please contribute to try and get the old formula back! thread is here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Dan-Help-...wi-t216972.html
  4. Hey Dan, Thanks for the reply. I don't mean to be rude, but the two formulas are not the same. The old solution with propylene glycol had a much better cosmetic feel to it and went on nicely. The new formula with butylene glycol is much thicker and feels like glue. I don't know if the ratio's of the other ingredients were changed or not but the difference is huge. I started using some leftover BP gel from the old blue tubes 3 days ago and what do you know, my breakouts are clearing. As I sai
  5. Hey Brandy, Yes, I am using the same amount of bp that I have been using for the last two years. The consistency and feel of the new formula is considerably different and is quite a bit thicker. It feels as though it doesn't absorb. I have changed nothing in my regimen except for the new bp. I wish it worked the same as the old formula but it does not. Sunaah, I think 2+ months would be enough for my skin to get used to the difference but the breakouts have gotten progressiv
  6. Simply put, The formula in the old blue tubes kept me 99%-100% clear all the time for the last two years. I re-ordered the bp gel (now in the white bottle) thinking it was the same formula but immediately started breaking out and have been breaking out for over two months. I started using the white bottle formula in august 08. I had a little bit of bp gel left from the blue tubes which I used for a few days and sure enough my skin cleared up again. I have noticed many other users are having the
  7. Tony5 : says the same thing about the white bottle formula (bottom of page) (http://www.acne.org/messageboard/7-bottles-Dan-s-BP-1-t213076.html)
  8. well the ingredients listed on the blue tubes (which I had purchased maybe 4 months ago) are different than those on the new white bottles. The consistency of the new formula is noticeably different (more like "glue" consistency) doesn't spread as well and is much more drying. You can say it's been like that for 1.5-2 yrs but there is clearly a recent difference. Oh and to mention after being 99% clear for the past 1yr+, immediately after switching to the new formula i started breaking out and h
  9. Let me guess......the breakouts began after switching from the blue tubes to the white bottles. No it's not because of the bottles (which are fine unlike some people say), There was a formula change aswell. All the ingredients say is that they changed propylene glycol for Butylene glycol. I don't know whether the're also using lower grade ingredients but something has changed for the worse (much different consistency too). I too was 99% clear for the last year+, and upon using the new formula I
  10. I have been using it for a few months and find it does keep beakouts minimized......keeps redness down aswell I find. plz respond
  11. Has anyone else been using this with success? if so, how long? previous condition? current condition? it seems as though Wally is the only one with 100% success.