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  1. TIme has flown by. I stopped writing for awhile b/c that seemed to drag the process. Taking the tane pill just feels like taking a regular pill everyday. Like a multivitamin or something simple, I never think "Oh, here's some accutane" haha but yeah, my body has handled accutane very well. My skin isn't that dry, I actually need to wash my scalp every few days cause it does start to feel oily (not gross oily, just normal) my cheeks are pinkish but not bad. But my face has been unpredictable. Las
  2. aw thanks girl , you are so sweet!!!! I am going to try hard to stay strong. Its crazy how self conscious acne can make us feel. I didn't even want to go to walmart today cause I felt so self conscious lol accutane is an emotional roller coster :/
  3. I think I'm on day 35. I don't even try to keep track anymore because then it makes the process seem a lot longer :/ but it just kinda sucks cause a week ago my face was looking good and now it looks gross again. I got a whitehead on the side of my nose, and my pores looked clogged and gross. When I wash my face some of my pores get unclogged and it looks like I have little holes in my face. I fucking hate this! My face is looking a little more red and I'm getting just a few whiteheads on my fac
  4. Hola everybody. I went to the derm today, did the preg test thing, blood work. Last month my derm told me that his goal was to up my dosage to 60mg for the 2nd month but he said that since I am doing so well on 40 mg he will just keep me at this dosage for the next 5 months. Oh, the only side effect I'm really experiencing is this weird rash on my arms and legs and he said its just dry skin. Weird, it doesn't feel dry and itchy, just bumpy but I can't really complain. I hope being on 40mg for 5
  5. I just want to fast forward time 6 months from now! ugh, I can't really complain about the accutane side effects right now but I just want to stop worrying having to take a pill and just finally have pretty skin and some REAL natural confidence, not the fake confidence that nasty makeup can give me. I want to feel pretty just being natural. Hopefully in 6-8 months I will be able to get a boyfriend! I think the reason why it hasn't worked out with a lot of the ppl I have dated is b/c of my shitty
  6. steffers


    aw thanks your very pretty too!
  7. steffers


    I put a pic of me up but its NOT really what I look like now, that pic is 4 or 5 yrs old lol I can't figure out how to post new pics of myself b/c the files are too large and I dunno how to make them smaller :/
  8. steffers

    Day 20

    that's so awesome! I hope you do great on it, I'm sure you will. Its not nearly as bad as I thought it would be! I'm tired of acne too, its emotionally draining and has affected me so much. do you know how many mg they will start you out with? how would you describe your acne? anyways, keep me updated.
  9. yep. I got a few next pimples the first week, which didn't bother me cause it was normal. but I got the initial breakout like exactly 2 weeks from when I started accutane. It was weird cuz one day my face looked fine then the next it looked bumpy and welted all over my face. My mom asked me if I was having an allergic reaction, thats how shitty I looked. And the redness made it look worse too, ugh! But personally for me that only lasted 7 days! I know everybody reacts differently to the IB but a
  10. My face felt awesome today! Usually my face is sooo oily and nasty but it stayed super matte all day long. I LOVED IT! I absoluteleeey loved it, I can't even described how much it made me happy! This morning I put on my makeup and in the afternoon usually I "dab" my face with the oil sheets but today I did not have to do that, and when I got home around 5 it still looked the same... and even right now too, its 8. Its great:) I hope my face will continue to be matte looking even after accutane...
  11. Hey I just started accutane too, I'm on day 19. whats your dosage right now? I hope all goes well. I will be reading your blog to see how your doing
  12. Um, so far so good. I'm wondering if I should continue to blog or not... this is getting kinda boring lol
  13. thanx for the responses. its nice to be able to talk to ppl about being on accutane, especially since I haven't told most of my friends I'm on it, they just wouldn't understand. I hope I do okay on 60 mg!
  14. Yea hopefully someone answers us lol how long have you been on clavaris? Do you have a blog?
  15. Hi all, I'm on amnesteem 40 mg a day and my derm said that next month his goal is to put me on 60 mg a day. A few days ago I was experiencing the initial breakout and my skin is starting to calm down, but I was just wondering if it gets worse again (pimples) when the dosage increases? I know I should expect dry skin, but I don't want it to get worse like the IB again that sucked.