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  1. sory for that question i didnt read the whole thread. ive got my answer now that i have done though
  2. im interested in what the poster said before you too. where dd you obtain it from online?
  3. everynight when i do the regimen wait for the bp to dry and then apply moisturiser and emu oil, which stings i feel like crying because t stings and i have so much stuff on my face, it cant breathe but i cant not treat it becasue my acne will be worse otherwise its no way to live treating it like that itsnot normal i hate my family commenting my face " have you got acne cream on?" and im like yea and theyre like "well how come it isnt working why do you still have acne?, dont f your face up wi
  4. ok thanks alot your words have hepled me and i know ill be silly to take it from online so im not going to. but i feel no doctor understands my pain i have been to many here in the uk. one even said youl grow out of it just put make up on, and gave me camaflaudge makeup which they give people with burn marks or something (i tried it and the makeup was rubbish it even came of with the slight touch revealing revolting acne) ive tried everything and i want to be in control of my acne now i dont w
  5. ok so ive booked a doctors appointment, and ill probably have to go afew times before i get reffered to a derm which is a bummer!!! (from the uk) and when i do go to derm i just know that they wont prescribe me accutane!! ive had mild/mod acne for yearssssss now and its starting to really affect me mentally, as before i had some hope thatll clear up but now that ive tried everything religiously nothings worked and i still break out, theyre also the painful ones when i do. the f up thing is that
  6. i totally feel your pain. my doc wont prescribe me accutane either. im planning on printing articles ad stuff and showing it to him so hell prescribe it to me.
  7. i use dans regimen. and i think the bp gets rid or improves my red marks. i know it sounds weird but its true for me. well it dries my skin out even though i moisturise a ton. i then go around with weird discoured dry patches. then when i use less bp and moisturise more the dry skin falls of and then leaves smooth even skin. the down side is that the cycle goes on and i still break out. also try emu oil it may take a long time to work but its worth it, no miracle but definatly reccomend it.
  8. how bad was your acne? how bad is it now? do you see improvement?
  9. my acne s annoying me~!! its mild when controlled with bp but PERSISTENT also the acne that i get HURTS. its like theyre sore. i have another cyst on my chin and a nodule or watever on my cheek. i had one on my cyst under the surface thingy area ut thats healing now. I WANT ACCUTANE. but i kno the derm wont prescribe it to me. my face is dry, scaly and itchy. i cant mover it comfortaby. its like ive got onld peo[les skin or like ive had botox or something done eirghghh guess i
  10. hey m wanting to go on accutane too im hoping my derm will prescribe it to me. did you get the scarring whilst on accutane or before? good luck, hope your skin clears well
  11. hope it gets better for you. im praying my derm will put me on accutane too. itll get better in time though, the breakouts should go with taking the accutane and hopefully itll be better for you in the long run. dont give up hope
  12. hey paul that is an excellent point and i would sound chilldish if i said that! thank you for telling me its a good point youve made and ill do what you recommended . i know how you feel, tbh im not going to waste anymore years just waiting for it to go or something to work you kow because i have tried just about everything also my mum still has acne and know has really bad scarring so i want to avoid that and get rid of the acne now. and janski yes i know that but im just tired of acne and ive
  13. hey im not going to get it on the internet because i know how dangerous it can be im just going to say that to my derm so he/she understands how badly i want it.