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  1. I'm experiencing redness below eyes near the bridge of my nose. I did not experience this problem before it just suddenly started. I use Bp and the moisturizer and cleanser on the rest of my face.I only appy cleasner to this part of my face. I thought the cleanser was gentle to the skin. Another question does the cleanser itself cause dryness?
  2. I've been trying to order my regimen supplies for about a week. I've made sure I have money in my account, double checked my information and card information and I have also tried ordering less products. After all of this I still get payment declined. Also Im ordering within the states.
  3. A Bump 3 years later I am having this same problem and wondering maybe now 3 years later someone might know how to fix it
  4. I too have noticed this problem about 3 months ago and i started the regimen 1 2 months from now
  5. CeraVe lotion is a very good moisturizer. Keeps the dryness away and dont make ur skin look super olily. Look at the reviews on this site for this moisturizer they'll tell u the same thing
  6. The regimen has worked very well for me. But dry skin to me is the most difficult part of the regimen. Sweating on the regimen will most likely make u reapply some moisturizer to prevent the dryness.
  7. after 3 days of applying the bp. It was horrible because i had no moisturizer at the time too :/ so i went to school with a flaky face
  8. i've been on the regimen for 9 months and just recently my face has been getting red. I have not changed my regimen routine recently.But this redness started to occur once i started use a new dan's cleanser since i ran out of my old dan's cleanser. I wear spf when going outside and even when i dont have the bp on just the moisturizer my face still goes red. I only apply AHA once a week.
  9. Cerave is a good choice to fix ur problem. But its very sad that its not available in canada.
  10. For some reason my dryness can be gone for a couple days or a week than after i get this sudden increase in dryness. Even though i do the same routine each time.
  11. if u buy the 16oz its cheaper than buying 2 8oz. This will save u money in the long run
  12. thx for the posts Also how much do u use each time u apply it. 1 pump? 2 pump? finger length? other?
  13. Is it moisturizing enough while on the regimen? Also do u need to apply jojoba oil with it so your skin is moisturized? Also, If any of u have used the Cerave cream and Cerave lotion which one is better?