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  1. Hey, i wanted to know if there was anyone who used the Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel and if it worked for them. Also, i want to know if it worked WITH or AGAINST the Regiman. And a different but related question has anybody taken a break from the Regiman for a night? im thinking about JUST doing the Spot Gel tonight and not doing the Regiman. Will i break out?
  2. thanks (: i will consider that and use it in the future, but i was thinking something around the house or something i could do with the regiman/AHA+ to help. I already spent alot on the Regiman supplies im not sure i want to go buy ANOTHER product just yet
  3. Hey, its conner, and get this: PROM IS FRIDAY (2 days). I have a reallyyy deep, painful pimple (pustule to be more specific) on my chin and that is my main concern. I also have an equally painful, a little smaller (still huge), on the eye-line of my nose. I have tried using the AHA+ but it doesnt help much at all. I have laid out in the sun and iced it over the past few days but its just not making a difference. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee answer. :\