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  1. Well when i started to break out really bad none of my friends said anything about it but my family was all over it. First my mom tells me that the cause of my acne is because i eat too much chocolate ( which i refuse to believe!!), then my brother doesnt want me to touch him cause he thinks acne is some contagious disease and i might infect him -_-' and lastly when i had a big whitehead on my chin my cousin decided to tackle me into the bed, pinn me down and squeeze all the gunk out! (which act
  2. I think i would still feel pretty gloomy even if i didnt have acne but if i had clear skin it could probably lift the burden a little.
  3. hmm lets see... so i have two pimples on my forhead and they're right next to eachother so my cousin says to me one day "are you trying to be harry potter?" and i just told her to shut the hell up and walked away. Im sure its not the meanest thing ever but it was still pretty annoying to hear it, i mean its not like i can do anything about it!!
  4. hmm lets see... today i have a couple of pimples on my forehead and chin but i tried to pretend they werent there. It was sunny and warm and i went to the beach met some kool people and ate ice cream so overall a good day!
  5. Yup lisa frank stuff is awesomeee, its soo colorful! haha stretched earlobes for life! XD

  6. gotta say i love your picture, lisa frank right?

    That is so rockin', i loved lisa frank stuff. ;D


  7. I think my acne definetly holds me back A couple of weeks ago a guy asked me out and he was an alright guy and we had fun but i just didnt feel comfortable with my acne AT ALL. I couldn'r get why he could like such a person with a disgusting face so i broke it off :/ now i just sit around and do nothing...
  8. I wouldn't specifically go and look for a guy with acne but if he has it then its kool it he hasn't then thats kool too, its all about personality
  9. Haha i love me some unicorns! and thank you :D

  10. Our society today is very superficial and its fixated on being perfect physically but personality does play a big role. When most of us meets someone new the first thing they notice is looks and eventually you get to see the persons personality and then you decide wether you like them or not. Personally i think i have an ok personality im nice, i try to make people laugh and im non-judgemental BUT i am very shy so my personality does not get through so i think that if i were slightly more attra
  11. They're small to medium size i guess but im hoping to get bigger ones
  12. Its ok :/ i have a bunch of red marks and i have a zit on my chin but its drying up now so hopefully it could got away soon before i pop it! XP
  13. The Latest Plague by From First to Last "What would you say, if this blemished face, This blemished face with a crooked nose Had a chance to say whatever he wanted from his blemished world of the unknown? Would you give a fuck if all that you heard Were nouns and verbs like shallow heartache? The sound of victory blowing up your world, world" Good stuff
  14. unicorns! ha love it. welcome to the org too.

  15. Thats awesomeee! I also have 0 gauge earrings and i have two piercings on the right side of my lip which i think is pretty bad ass! :D