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  1. Nice improvement, go raptor!
  2. Milky

    My TCA peel log

    I'm gunna take the plunge and do some TCA peels. I wanna go to my natural health doctor, but for a 15% peel, it costs $225! But I'm also worried about doing it myself... :/ HELP!
  3. Milky

    juicin time!

    Yippie! I got a juicer for my birthday. Had a yummy cucumber, lemon, celery, kale, protein powder, and collard green smoothie. It was actually quite tasty. Well, I'm going to try and go raw for the entire month of June. I screwed up last night and ate like 3 bowls of cereal, hehe. But I'm allowing myself one free meal a week so it's ok. Now gotta get my hands on a dehydrator! I'm going out of town for the next week for my cousin's wedding. And anytime their is family get togethers, the
  4. Go to your local health store and buy ORANIC RAW honey. (Sorry for the yelling, but make sure it's organic and raw) Stop clogging your face with chemicals. It took me 4 months of products before I realized my skin likes me so much more when I stop harassing it. The only product I use is the honey, once, sometimes twice a day I rub a bit on my oily areas. Use it in teh shower, that way it easily washes off. I was the same way, dry as hell skin in the winter, way oily in the summer. Since usin
  5. Milky

    gettin raw

    I've sorta stopped my daily Green Smoothie drink and I've noticed a difference. I've been substituting the drink with gluten free cereal. Not the best idea, lol. I've decided to go back to a raw food diet. Last thursday was my b-day, woot, and today I'm opening up gifts. I believe I'm getting a juicer and a dehydrator. Which will help SO much with my raw food 'uncooking.' I'm doing this for the rest of June. With one 'free' meal a week. Free as in cooked. Still vegan, gluten free, dairy free.
  6. I've been on a low carb diet. Been cheating a bit on some mesa sunrise cereal, but otherwise I've done a swell job avoiding rice, corn, and potatoes. I'm also limiting fruit to one serving a day max. I also cut out my protein shakes. They are 'raw,' (made out of rice) but I seemed to be breaking out on my forehead. Part of this I KNOW is caused by my old shampoo. Add in chemical containing hair wash + MMA training (sweat like a effing east) and breakouts happen. But since on protein powder,
  7. Milky

    Day 1

    Hey all, my name is Rory Jay and I've been experiencing acne for about 3 years now. My mental health is pretty solid, though at times when I break out I can go back to my "shit's lame" view point. Over the past 3 years I have drastically changed my what I put in my body. I eat mostly an organic diet; avoiding milk, gluten, sugar, soy, meat/fish(not for acne, just health in general), chocolate, and processed foods. I love the diet I'm on. It feels good treat my body well, and the long term aff
  8. Milky

    Day 1

    I have changed my diet up this past week and have noticed improvements.I am limiting my carb intake. I also am only intaking 1 serving of a fruit a day, I was eating around 3-4 and breaking out along my jaw and chin.Also in order to easily count calories/reduce my total food intake I am doing intermittently-fasting. i.e. only eating from 12pm-9pm. I have done this before and seen great results. I didn't a have a breakout for months when I was ingesting smaller meals and not eating after 9. I've