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  1. njrunner, how long did it take till you saw results? I've been taking it a month now and havn't seen much
  2. I was just prescribed Minocin (pills) and Clindamycin (gel) by my doctor. It seems to be working great so far. Did anyone use this and if so, did they see results? I have moderate acne (very many tiny bumps... i guess their whitheads).
  3. I'm 18 and know exactly what your saying
  4. Anyone tried this and has sucess? I'm been using BP for over 6 months and it just doesnt work for me. I wanna try something thats non-BP and see how it goes. If that doesn't work, i'm going to look into Accutane. Please gimme some feedback 8)
  5. A couple days ago I woke up after 3 years of acne and trying everything and said to myself "what hell am I doing?" Every morning I look in the miror and my acne doesn't get any better or any worse. I've been too busy worrying about which creams or which cleansers I should buy rather than the big picture. Why use all these expensive skin products when all they do is make my skin look old and red? Know I know Dan's regiment has worked for a lot of people and if it's working for you i'm glad to kno
  6. Yeah it kinda looks like that but not as bad And no, i've never pulled a little hair out.
  7. Are the bumps like... the size of a pinhead? And there are many of them clustered in areas but none in other areas? When you pick off a dried one does his come out with "root" looking stuff and leave a tiny hole? Well thats what I have and can't find a cure and i'm sorta too poor to see a derma right now
  8. I wouldn't keep using the regimen. I had pretty much the exact same problem but I kept using Dan's Regimen. I have the same acne I did when I started and my face is so red it's nasty. It's red everywhere except around my eyes and it looks so damn bad. I stopped using BP and am using a skin tone enhancer moisturizer and the redness is going away. Instead of the BP try using a masqe and an exfoliant - i think this is finally working for me
  9. Hey, I went out and bought lemon juice today! However all I could find is Lemon Juice Concentrate - is this the same thing? Will it be as effective?
  10. I'm starting to get super dry skin from the regimen and need a good exfoliant that won't clog pores and will make my skin look nice Got any suggestions?
  11. I use On the Spot 2.5% and Nuetrogena Heathy Skin Moisturizer. I think the source of the redness was due to scrubbing my Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Soap too hard. Now I just rub it with hand really fast a make a super lather which I dab on my face without any rubbing and it's made a pretty big difference.
  12. I've been on and off the regimen for some time now and all i've gotten is an extreemly red face (:oops:) where I applied the BP. It really does look like shit. The BP didn't help my acne at all and on top of that my face is bright red.