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  1. What thousands!? it cost £300 for smartxide here, thats insane lol
  2. Hi, on 11th August I had dermarolling done, and am now considering having Smartxide CO2 dot laser therapy. Would I have to wait a while to have this done? Or can it be done anytime after the dermaroller? Thanks
  3. Well I will be getting this done ,but I start uni in 2 weeks so don't have time right now. So I'll get my first one done in December and the next in easter. If I need a 3rd I always have the following summer thanks very much for this. I'll be sure to mention your name
  4. Hm maybe I'll have to give these guys a visit. Are your scars deep at all? or very shallow. Before you had this procedure I mean.
  5. Where did you have this done? Congrats on the results!
  6. This post depresses me lol, I saw him 5 days ago, and had dermaroller on my rolling scars and tca cross on my boxcars. All the redness from the dermaroller has gone, and I seem to have only 1 scab. Maybe for the scars that had subcision you could try getting a filler? I've no idea where the best place to get this done is though as everywhere seems to advertise them for wrinkles and not acne scars.
  7. Maybe. But the next time he visit a "doctor" who promises him clear skin after a few treatments of whatever he'll think about that post. Fine, they'll be better than if I just sit around here moaning on a forum doing nothing. And I've no idea why he'd lie to me this didn't cost me a penny.
  8. I'm also 19 and I dont understand why this is a all or nothing situation for you. I saw Dr.Chu today for a consultation and he said I have rolling/boxcar so had to have dermaroller/tca cross, but then he offered to do it there and then which is pretty sweet. Now I'll have a week of 5-7 days of sitting around, and then I'll continue with my life as normal until my next treatment in 3 months. Then in a year or whatever you'll still be in the exact situation just scar free. What you're doing makes
  9. Guys if you're seeing derms for your scars on the NHS i dont know why you dont just go see dr.Chu hes on the NHS and people have nothing but good things to say about him. Seems by far the best choice if you live in the UK.
  10. Hmm it says on the massive filler thread that it works on boxcar/rolling?
  11. Ok I have some boxcar/rolling scars and it seems that all treatments take a long time to get any kind of results. Now where I live Restalyne perlane cost £300 and supposedly lasts 6 months-1 year. Yes when my scars stretch they are virtually unnoticeable unless you look ridiculously closely. So I was wondering if I get these injections will my skin look scar free? Or do they only provide minimal results? Thanks.
  12. NO SKIN NEEDLING! i havent seen ANY pics where there has been any real improvement Do you mean dermarolling? Hasn't there been quite a few success stories and pics for this?
  13. wighto


    Ok thanks for the answer, well I've got an appointment with Dr. Chu on the 12th of August and as a 19 yr old, I'm hoping that I might be able to pretty much get rid of them.
  14. wighto


    Ok when I look forward or slightly down my scars don't look too bad, but if you catch a shadow in them while looking down they look so much deeper, now is this the shadows playing tricks on my eyes, or is this a true indication of how deep they are?