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  1. angelbaby234

    Worked fast... started seeing results in about 3 days it smells bad I had spots left over from a really bad breakout about a month ago. So I bought this prodict and today is only day 4 and the spots have faded considerably. Not totally yet but there is improvement! I use it twice a day after using the regular proactiv kit!!!
  2. angelbaby234

    Wow it is friday again

    So I decided to read up on some different oral products people had tried and I found the reviews on aleve interesting. I had a huge cystic pimple appear over nite and with one day of aleve taking one in am and one in the pm it had almost flattned to nothing..... I know u have to be careful with aleve and u def can't take it every day but/for a quick fix its amazing
  3. angelbaby234

    Hoping Differin Makes a Difference

    I have been on differin for years and I love it. I use it along with proactive. At night I just lather on the BP from the proactive pack and during the day I use differin in my problem layers and it works great. I don't use a moisturizer because everything breaks me out but I have found that the toner in the proactive kit really helps to shed the dry skin off before I apply my makeup! Differin is good for spot treatment too!
  4. angelbaby234

    Wow it is friday again

    So I am 28 years old and have been dealing with acne for as long as I can remember.. I have done every treatment system available.. I have also been seeing a dermatologist for about 5 years and we have tried every topical suggestion he had. I am currently using proactiv and differein and taking minocycline and I still have breakouts.... I am most of the time under control but this has been a bad week... I have not left my house since last sunday because I feel too ugly to face the world.. I also
  5. angelbaby234

    Help PLEASE

    . Good morning I would use vit e oil..... I burnt my skin one time while using retin a and the pharmacist said to use vit e oil.... so I just placed a little on the hot spots while I was at home.... I know how u feel not wanting to leave the house.... whenever I breakout I want to hide in bed for a week until it clears up..... its an awful feeling and u r not alone.......