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  1. Hang in there..2 months will fly by,,remain positive..your pigmentation doesnt look that bad and rest assured it will begin to subside once you are off accutane! Keep your head up!
  2. Hi can anyone please tell me how I can get this thread moves to the accutane posts section
  3. How is your skin going now??? Updates please!
  4. Week 4 Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. Apologies for the brief post the past week but it's been hard to find time whilst I've been traveling . Okay so in terms of the side effects this week, my face is still quite flaky but doesn't seem to be as bad as week 2s side effects. Same can be said for my lips. My nose has really dried up and has caused a few nosebleeds which has been annoying and my joints/muscles are struggling. With my current state of acne i received quite a few new pi
  5. I too am on 40 mg a day..can't wait for week 24 to come by
  6. I'm on week 4 ATM. Best of luck with your journey . You're gonna come out of this clearer !!
  7. Week 3 Hey guys so I've now completed my third week and I must say that things have gotten a bit better this week. Face has become quite dry and lips are now rediculously dry. I'm finding myself applying lip balm every 15 minutes. In terms of my skins I received 2-3 new pimples and no cysts. The previous massive cyst that I received last Sunday is on my neck is halfway down and has commenced to dry up. My face is quite red now and I'm beginning to get flushed quite easily. Active pimples
  8. So I'm on a holiday I've been looking forward to all year and one month before it..my acne came back after had clear skin for over a year. Every morning rather than looking forward to sight seeing enjoying myself etc. I just think about my acne 24/7 and how bad it is. I felt good this morning to a certain degree but now I've gotten this massive cyst on my neck which looks sickening. Haven't felt this depressed in a while. Everyone I'm holidaying with seem to be having the time of their while I'm
  9. WEEK 2 Sup sup y'all! So it's basically week 2 now (day 13 technically) so I figured I'd do my diary update today seeing as I'm on holiday overseas at the moment so it's hard to find time. Okay so here's how the week went; Side effects: My lip dryness has stepped up its game so I've had to experiment with a few other products cos the old Carmex is struggling to keep up! Products that are doing a better job for me at the moment are Vaseline lip therapy and palmers cocoa butter. My l
  10. Okay guys so its now officially the end of Week 1. Here's how it went. As I mentioned earlier, this is my second course of accutane that I'm commencing. My acne was classed as moderate as opposed to severe the first time I took accutane, however I still think this time around it is quite bad. I had plenty of breakouts on both cheeks and beneath my jawline. I was breaking out a lot more regularly. Well within the first few days, I stopped breaking out as often, and old cysts were drying up
  11. Hi guys. So I've benefitted from the site for a long time, and I feel it's my turn to give back. I took my first course of accutane 2 yrs ago and had clear skin for 15months, unfortunately in the past couple months it has progressively gotten really bad. Just in time for my holiday in two weeks. Great timing Anyway I'll be commencing my journey today after work when I go to pick up by accutane pills. Will be keeping you guys posted throughout the entire way with regular posts. Btw bit
  12. Hi Mate, Doesnt really matter which meal you take the pill with, as long as you take it the same time everyday, and try to take it with a nice fatty meal to maximise absorption of the drug. Roaccutane and Oratane are essentially the same thing, just different brands. Also seeing as you're always out in the sun, its extra important that you apply sunscreen!..heaps of it! your skin becomes very sensitive on accutane, and applying generous amounts of sunscreen will reduce the chances of scarrin
  13. Accutane can be one massive rollercoaster, it's not always going to be a straight road towards clear skin. Think of it as a booming stock market, be prepared for massive fluctuations in the condition of your skin, but rest assured that the final result will much more than likely be a massive overall improvement. You've just got to stick in there. I saw major improvements in month 2, but then got another massive breakout , and was worse than when I started. In month 4 it began to clear again.
  14. Im from W.A australia, and I must say my derm does come across as rather slack, but then again so am I so it kinda works He's happy meeting me once every 2 months, and our appts like yours, generally only go for about 15-20 mins. There have been times where I've been concerned about my development and have requested to see him earlier than scheduled but generally its not that often. I've also only had one blood test, and that was a week before I was to commence accutane , just to confirm ever
  15. Thanks for the feedback Bdon, I've been on these prednisolone/prednisone pills for 5 days now and I must admit I have seen improvement. No new cysts have formed and the existing ones have calmed down a bit. I've still got just over 2 more weeks of this drug to go, so hopefully, it continues to improve!