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  1. have you tried the regimen? i really wanted to go on accutane because i thought it was the only thing that would clear me up. however, i decided to try to regimen as as a last option before acctuane. my skin is a little red and dry, but it is completely clear now because of the regimen. i would definitely recommend trying it before accutane
  2. BP does not ruin skin, and it does not make acne worse. Even if you use it incorrecctly and glob too much on too soon, the side effects are only temporary. If BP had the kind of effects that rideontime is claiming then it wouldnt have been ruled safe and effective by the FDA. It's a great product and has helped thousands of people clear up their skin. Dan has had as much experience with acne medications as anyone, and he swears by BP. Sorry about the rant, i just hate to see people discourage ot
  3. my face use to be like that. i would be really oily when i got up in the morning, and i would use those oil blotting sheets to remove some of it, but the oil would return in an hour or so. by the end of the night my face was basically an oil slick. however, since i started the regimen, particularly dan's new moisturizer, im no longer oily. my face is pretty dry by the end of the day, but it is 100 times better than being oily
  4. in my experience, my face didnt start getting bad until the 4th week when i finally ramped it up to the full fingers length. i started off slowly like dan recommends, so i didnt really see any irritation at the beginning. if you start slowly, which you should, you would probably be fine for the holidays if you start now. the sooner you start, the sooner youll be clear. it took me about 3 months to start seeing good results, so it does take a while to clear everything out
  5. i think the new moisturizer is great. ive been on the regimen for about 3 and a half months now, and i used cetaphil moisturizer for the first 2 months. i never used the old DKR one, there was so much hype for the new moisturizer that i decided to try it out. the reason why it works for me is becuase my skin is almost as oily as it gets. especially during the summer. DKR didnt even do much to reduce the oilyness. it would dry me up at first, but i would just get oily again in about half an hour
  6. hey everyone. ive been on the regimen for about 3 and a half months, and im extremely happy with the results. i didnt start clearing up until the 3 month mark, and i got really impatient that it was too taking so long to work. i almost quit at one point, but im happy i stuck with it. im now almost completely clear with the exception of a few red marks my skin is pretty dry however, especially with the cold winter weather. ive read about possibly exfoliating the flakes off my face with jojoba oi
  7. yes it works. trust me, i was wondering the same thing as you about 3 and a half months ago. however, i do have a couple words of wisdom for you. one, be patient. seriously. the what to expect page that dan came up with isnt very accurate in my opinion, it took me about 3 months to start seeing some serious results. i am pretty much completely clear with the exception of a few red marks. if you have oily skin the regimen is perfect for you. i my face was an oil slick before i started, and now it
  8. so ive been on the regimen for a little under 3 months, and things are going well. im almost cleared up, but i still get a few pimples every week. the main problem i have now is redness. the regimen makes my face look like its sunburnt. when im working a lot of customers comment on my "sunburn" and its really annoying. last night i decided to put some eye drops in because my eyes were red and irritated. i suck at doing it so i missed a couple of times, and the drops got on my face. so when i w
  9. buy dan's new moisturizer. trust me. i never thought that applying a moisturizer could reduce oilyness. but it does. ive been using it for about 3 days now and it has worked so well. i had the same problems as you. i would get dry tight and flaky around my mouth, but by the end of the day my face would just be an oil slick. i would use those oil absorbing wipes, but it would all just come back after about 20 minutes. Dan's moisturizer got rid of all the oil. it makes your skin think their is eno
  10. well i just started the regimen 2 days ago and im really hoping that it clears up my face without being too irritating, my face is already pretty red from it, and im only using the BP at night with a small amount. i have a couple of questions for people though. one, does the regimen help with blackheads? i have some on my nose and even retin-a didnt clear them up, so im wondering if the regimen will. also, how long did it take for the regimen to start producing results? the what to expect tab
    clears up most acne makes skin softer lasts a long time makes face red takes a long time to work doesnt help with oilyness i have moderate acne and was prescribed retin-a micro .04% about 3 months ago. it made me peel the first 2 weeks or so and then my face was just oily. it took 2 months to start seeing results. it helped clear up most of my acne, but i still broke out every once in a while. i would recommend this for people that dont have sensitive skin, because it will ju
  11. so i have officially given up on retin-a. ive been on it for 3 months and it hasnt helped as much as i wanted it to. it reduced the amount of pimples on my face, but not all of them and it made my face too red. i decided today that i will start the regimen. i think topicals are too harsh for my skin, and so far they seem like they havent worked. the regimen seems like it works for everyone so we'll see. im gonna take a week off of putting anything on my face to see if the redness will go down
  12. well im pretty much out of hope. in 2 days itll be 3 months on retin-a in, and im still not clear. 3 months is the time it takes for it to clear your pores, and if your not clear after that then it just doesnt work for you. my acne has definitely improved since ive been on it, but its not nearly at the level i want it to be at. im never completely clear, i always have bumps on my face. i no longer get big nasty pimples, but i still have a good amount of red bumps. some days are better than othe
  13. im having the same exact problems as you are. ive been using retin-a micro .04 for the past 2 and a half months now. im not sure if its working or not becuase im still breaking out. my skin is also really oily like yours, and if anything the retin-a is just making it more oily. ive been using duac in the morning too. ive been thinking that i should switch to .1 becuase the .04 didnt really make me peel at all, only for the first 2 weeks, its been oil city ever since. i think the .1 concentration