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  1. Thank you! got another positive result today, and will get blood tested later today to confirm
  2. Hello Everyone, Today is 6 months, 21 days since I started Dan's Regimen. Here's an update: -I had my 3rd IUI (w/6 clomid + 2 shots, no trigger shot, using ovulation kit), and I think I might be pregnant. I had a positive test result this morning. I'll take another test tomorrow morning, and then call the doctor to confirm with a blood test. I've only told my husband, obviously, but I'm too excited to contain myself, so here I am . -I tried applying the benzoyl peroxide only in the mornings,
  3. Weevil

    Month 4: 1st IUI

    Hi there! thanks for reading I'm so glad the regimen is working for you too Hydroquinone is very effective for most kinds of hyperpigmentation...my doc actually said that it's not so effective for scars, but it has definitely helped my acne PIH. I would definitely wait until your acne is under control, and all you are dealing with is the PIH. You'll start noticing improvement after just 2 weeks, and it completely fades everything away with continued use. You do need a doctor's prescription, an
  4. Weevil

    Month 4: 1st IUI

    Hello everyone, It's been 4 months, 7 days since I started the regimen. I haven't broken out at all for about 1 month (so I haven't had any pimples tempting me to pick). My face is so clear now, I've stopped wearing makeup as of a week & a half ago. I've used up 4 tubes of hydroquinone 4% and that has gotten rid of most of my acne & non-acne related PIH. I look OK, in terms of complexion, but I'm still noticeably red & shiny by midday (I still also have big pores on my nose and chee
  5. Weevil

    Month 3, Day 3

    I forgot to mention yesterday: I'm not treating my chest & back anymore with anything because all acne & related problems are gone. This for like the last 1.5 months. I don't even have any PIH on my chest anymore...perfectly healthy and awesome (still some PIH on my upper back, but I have long hair, so no one sees that anyway, so I don't care...it'll fade with time). As far as my face is concerned, I will continue with Dan's regimen & products religiously forever, for as long as ha
  6. Weevil

    Week 13, Day 7

    Hi HotGlue, just wanted to send some good vibes your way. I just read your entire blog in one sitting (boring day at work), because you are hilarious, you seem really smart, I'm fascinated by Japan and I'm so jealous you're there! Feel free to read my blog if you like (very different experience than yours, but similar in that my main problem is mild acne + lots of PIH + I'm very strictly applying Dan's regimen and it's worked better for me than anything else I've tried ever). Also, feel free to
  7. Weevil

    Month 3

    Hello everyone: it's exactly 3 months & 2 days since I started Dan's regimen. Couldn't be happier. My skin's not perfect yet, but has completely gotten back to normal, which for me is big pores confined only to the nose and about 1.5" around the nose area on my cheeks. The rest of my face has miraculously gone back to invisible pores, smooth skin. I went to vacation in Oregon, and the humidity did not affect me. I do however continue to breakout around my period on my chin area, but a little
  8. Hi Rhona, I was on differin + doryx + spironolactane for 6 months before I gave up and found acne.org. My skin never improved on it, differin was way to harsh or my skin was way to sensitive, I don't know. It actually seemed to make it worse. But every person is different. If it's starting to show results for you, you should definitely give it a shot for 3 months, and then decide. Since I found acne.org, I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to give Dan's regimen a try. I'm 39 years old and on da
  9. Dan's cleanser...extremely gentle...I've had absolutely zero harmful effects from it.
  10. Hi ladies, I wholeheartedly encourage everyone on this thread to give Dan's regimen a try. I'm 39 years old and on day 46 of the regimen. NOTHING has ever worked this well for me (I've had mild/moderate acne non-stop since puberty, and I've tried every prescription and OTC product out there). If you're interested in the details of my progress, I'm blogging here on Acne.org under "weevil's blog". I can't stress enough what a difference Dan's regimen & products have made for me. My skin is 98%
  11. I get those too, and I used to pick too. I've experimented since trying Dan's regimen, and I can wholeheartedly tell you: never pick an underskin comedone. At night: Just apply the BP all over, and a little extra on the spot, then wait 10 minutes and apply AHA all over, and again a blob on the spot. A couple of times this has gotten rid of my comedones over night (like magic), other times it's taken up to a week, but it definitely gets rid of all the irritation and swelling, and eventually the a
  12. I've only been using Dan's AHA in liu of moisturizer nightly, and nothing in the daytime because my almay makeup felt like enough, but just this week my skin has been feeling dry, so I'm going to start using Dan's jojoba oil tomorrow morning, under the almay. I'm almost clear enough of the PIH that maybe soon I'll be able to go makeup free -and then I'll use sunblock over the BP. We'll see how it goes Another update: last week (Day 38) I started using Almay 220 - a shade lighter than 240- becau
  13. Hi there, I've been using all of Dan's products since 5/18/10, so for around 2 months. Nothing has ever worked as well for me, and I've tried everything, prescription & OTC. I'm a 39 year old woman of spanish background and I live in AZ. I've had mild/moderate acne since puberty, non-stop. I do have to say: I followed Dan's instructions almost to the letter (the only thing I'm bad at is using the moisturizer consistently: I use Dan's AHA in liu of moisturizer at night, and nothing at all, or
  14. Hi Gracie, I came upon your post and was interested in a couple of things you mentioned: what kind of body detox cleanse did you use? And how did you find out you had an enzyme deficiency? (what kind of doctor/tests did you use?) I'm really glad for you! Dan's regimen has worked incredibly well for me,,,it's almost cleared me up completely in only 37 days (and counting).
  15. Research on pregnancy & Dan's regimen: so far the concensus seems to be that AHAs and azelaic acid creams are the only safe products for both acne and melasma; but just recently it was posted on Acne.org that the FDA has reclassed BP as a category 1 drug, "safe & effective" so BP should be OK too (I confirmed this online...here's the official article link: http://govpulse.us/entries/2010/03/04/2010...drug-facts-form But I probably will give up the BP if I do get pregnant, and use organi