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  1. I started taking Spiro about 7 months ago. I was started at 50 mg and thats all I needed. It works best when you take it with a BC pill. And I was lucky and didn't experience any side effects at all. I was surprised because almost every where I read about the product said that I would get a nasty initial break out. Even my dermatologist warned me. But I never got one. I think it is because I started taking the birth control before I was on Spiro so my hormones were already getting leveled
  2. It took about 4 months for me to be completely clear with no worries. But from the very beginning each month got better and better. It was sooo nice to finally start seeing continuous improvement. I would definitely try OTC.
  3. I used to have BAD acne my senior year in high school. My acne experience ruined my year. I NEVER wanted to go out. All I wanted to do was stay home and treat my skin. I tried anit- biotics (Solodyn) and almost every kind of OTC product available. I was so frustrated that nothing worked. Especially since I was used to having clear skin. When you have acne, as a lady, all you think about is your skin. Putting on make up just made me feel uglier because I knew I wasn't as beautiful as I us
  4. Dancer15


    This is kind of interesting because when I was doing lots of sports in high school along with dancing, acne was never a problem. Unfortunately I tore my ACL at the end of my junior year and wasn't able to be as active my senior year. And coincidentally, this is when I started developing bad acne. I am a freshman in college and am active again and my acne I clear. I don't know if this can be attributed to my fitness or if it is the BC and Spiro I am on. I am convinced it is the meds but mayb
  5. You really shouldn't pick you acne at all. I am guilty of it too but thats how we get scars. If you don't want scars the best solution is not to pick.
  6. Honey and PLAIN oatmeal always made my face look nice and moisturized> the oatmeal also kind of helps it from just slipping off your face.
  7. i was started with 50mg of spiro and NEVER had an IB. I think its because I was taking it in conjuction with Birth Control Pills. My derm said that when you up the dosage you will break out at first. I want to up my dose to 100mg so that my skin will be super clear but I am afraid of the dreaded IB!
  8. when my acne was flaring up I just to always cancel and avoid my boyfriend! We have been dating for a while now so I am more comfortable around him but the he used to think I was mad at him! Then I looked like a bitch and of course I could never explain it to him. Because I would sound like a silly girl. So I'm glad that a GUY has the same problem I don't feel so silly
  9. There is a "tool kit" on sephora that is for popping pimples the right way that isn't supposed to leave scarring. Might wanna check it out.
  10. So I got my samples. So far I really like the product. It last longer than Bare minerals and it is cheaper too which is nice. Before I but the full size I think I want to try out Jobba Minerals. Anyone ever used it?
  11. I am one of those ppl! hah I have kerosis pilaris too. My freckles actually kind of hide it though. No one has ever really noticed it except me. Just moisturize! But since I can tell it bothers you so much, you can do what I did. I went to my family doctor and she gave me a prescription to put on it. It also worked as an acne fighter too coincidentally. I haven't used it in years though so I am sorry but I can't give you the name unfortunately. But I am sure your dr will.
  12. i dunno. i think time heals all :/ and that's the best we got
  13. I just went online and ordered some free samples. It sucks how it was 6 bucks with shipping but oh well. Once I try the products out for myself I will definitely post here.
  14. leighbrack, your advice is VERY helpful. What kind of make up do you wear?
  15. This happens to me too! Whenever I work out my marks look much more red. I think its just the blood rushing to my face though. It's annoying though. I want them to be gone forever. NOt keep reappearing.