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  1. ramiejae25, i was usin homeopathic medicines for about 2-3 months..but the cost kept rising n i couldn't afford anymore))smtimes i feel i shud hv finished the course.a fren got completely acne -free usin those medicines....so i stopped and went for hard-core accutane..helped during the course..but i used to drink alot n ma nose used to bleed like anythin..so had to reduce the dose..n after the course got over my face began to have red spots..n acne came back(but i feel had i been monitored by a
  2. get enuf sleep..really..my skin was gettin like ok and i didn't sleep for two nites(continuous) n it began to break out..and get some regular physical activity goin..runnin,joggin,skippin,fighting,pumpin iron...all the best with the derm visit.. i wonder how life wud be without acne..Anyways thank God for acne.really.)
  3. Calamine the best..it's the best moisturizer and great healer of scars..i can also be used for make up and covering scars.. i use Caladryl which has calamine and diphenhydramine hydrochloride..it's been really helpful.i wish i could be more expressive about it's usefulness. i use Neutrogena deep clean face wash..and rite after that i put on the lotion.it's water soluble so it get's washed away with sweat and water.but as long as my skin is good i'm happy. at night before i go to sleep, i put on
  4. Hello everyone.. I'm a frequent visitor to this site.though i never registered back then.i thought i'd just read ur comments and posts and help myself.but i don't know what to do now. i've had acne since i was 17.it's been almost 5 years now.and i've done so many things by myself.i've used benzoyle peroxide for 2-3 years without seeing any improvement.i've used differing for about 6 months.in the beginning it helped but i had terrible breakouts and i had to stop.i've tried urine treatment and