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  1. So i'm a male that likes a beard. I notice though the areas above the beard, areas i shave/trim off, are the only real consistent areas where i get spots. Specifically, the area where the hair grows. Whether i leave it alone or cut the hairs it's always in that hair follicle i get pimples/spots, whether it be big or tiny. Anyone else find this?
  2. Oh ok, i found the product on Amazon Uk or 'fulfilled' by Amazon UK. So you may want to have word with them. Well thanks for the skin darkening advice. I will buy the moisturiser as well then after all the Quinoderm is on the end of finishing. Brandy, i've used combination of things to get skin under control. Diet mainly, especially carrot juice (with the centre core taken out) two or three times a week, which really helped acne on the fore head. The treatments i use are Paula's Choice Res
  3. HI there, My acne isn't as bad as it use to be. this is by using various combination of diet and skin regime. This also included using Quinoderm 5. This is has been the only one to date that did it's job without overly drying my skin. Although using it every night, i'm pretty sure it was darkening my skin. SO i cut back to twice a week. Works a treat as other nights i use Paula's Choice Moisture Barrier with retinol. Aaaannnnnnnyyyyywwwwwaaaaayyyyysssss, they're discontinuing Quinoderm in t
  4. I know it's an old post, but i thought i'd throw my two pence in. I know long term some people have a problem with virgin coconut oil topically. Also consuming to much bitter/hot/pungent foods internally (from what i;ve been told) will have a adverse effect. In your case, taking garlic, tumeric and black pepper at same time maybe too much. I've can personally vouch for turmeric. Too much caused me to breakout when i reduced it, it had a much better effect. Hope this is useful.
  5. thats proper awesome. Hope it works long term.
  6. Well that's good then. I have personally never followed any particular diet, i've just notice some intolerance to certain foods and avoided them
  7. Thats awesome. Glad it's working out for you. Hope the good work carries on. Maybe you'll find you only need to use bp once or twice week max. and the rest, plain sailing. Was that diluted or undiluted lemon?
  8. Woah, well i'm not a doctor or any sort of medical expert. So you might want to check it out with them. From your post it's sounds like you're not eating. You might have dropped some foods, but what have you replaced them with? You still going to need some sort of balanced diet. Like I said I stopped sweets and alcohol but thats just unnecessary extras, and i avoid chilli and eggs, but still drink plenty of water, porridge, fruits and veg and filling meals.
  9. No worries mate. Yeah, i'm not a personal fan, it gives me a headache, and does nothing for my acne. But my friend absolutely loves it. Inflammation practically goes overnight.
  10. Lol to be fair for moisturiser. 'Your skin may vary'. I know people who one moisturiser works for but didn't work for me an vice versa. I personally use a neem moisturiser by junglesale. But notice you're from the US. The only thing I can really tell you is that the general rules are to find an oil-free moisturiser and without parfum. Pretty much the rule I keep to. I'm sure being in America you got a wider access to shop moisturisers and organic natural moisturisers which i don't have access t
  11. Cool, but again be careful, it's known to redden skin sometimes on long term. No one really uses it without diluting it either. Just better that way for skin. I know what you mean, i went through the same thing. Panoxyl was ridiculously drying for me, and made my marks darker. I switched to Quinoderm 5%, much gentler, and alternate days, and finish off with moisturiser. But it does contain 5% bp. Mix that up with natural cleanser and alternative medicines, i've achieved some success.
  12. Hmmm, it's a difficult one. I had the same problem when my acne was pretty bad, the hyperpigmentation marks were annoying. I used something that was made for hyperpigmentation, phyto+ and i've tried Ugusi no fun, they both work. Be careful with lemon, do not leave it overnight incase your skin is properly sensitive, rememeber it's an '"acid", so 10-20 max for a few a days, just to see how it goes. Also dilute the lemon with a bit of water, maybe 50/50 or 2:1 lemon to water. I've known people who
  13. I gave up drinking and eating crisps, sweets etc and suddenly my weight dropped off, lost a stone and a half. But i can't say i'm really thin. I've made up for it by eating meals that fill me up and eat porridge in the morning, so i don't need to snack.
  14. beard trimmer has been my quick option, but the ones actually designed for a facial hair for non-black people type hair. I say this because there are some trimmers out there designed for their particular kind of hair which are more powerful than you need, and may cause you unnecessary irritation. Also i found a haven in de shaving, when i actually want a closer shave. doesn't cause me razor burn like a gillette sensor or mach would do.
  15. If you're going to shave, always shave after a shower, your skin is cleaned up and your hair is more elastic and softer, so a better a shave. If you use a pre shave cream/ oil even better.