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    Just a few pictures of moi!
  2. I have post acne scars and I was wondering if you guys have any tip on how to help fade the scars without actual medical attention. My scars are not ice pick nor boxcar scars.... the best way to describe them are that they are just a scar on the surface of the skin with no type of "hole" or whatever.... I was thinking continuing my daily regimen and exfoliating weekly should help cell turnover so they will slowly fade... what do you guys think?
  3. yessss, born and raised in Los Angeles!

    1. The Bay!! And you are in LA? :)

      1. where in ca are you from?

        1. I wear sunscreen every single day, my skin is super sensitive to sunlight because of the amount of BP and salicylic acid i'm putting on it.... as a skin care/makeup buff I recommend using Peter Thomas Roth Ultra Lite Oil-Free Sunblock it's extra light and it doesn't make me break out!! It's about $26 for 4.2 oz, which is not too bad...
        2. It is so very very very important to clean your brushes. I deep clean my brushes weekly by using a mixture of Olive oil and Antibacterial Soap and every time I use my brushes I clean them with Smashbox Brush Cleaner to spot clean. It really really makes a big difference if you clean your brushes, just because bacteria breeds on the hairs and then you are applying that on your face. I can't stress this enough ladies... CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES!
        3. Aww!! Please let me know if I can help you. You will get used to it too :) But lemme know

          1. Thanks, I have like no idea how to use this! I'm so lost! :(

              Clears Acne, Affordable Dries Skin, Small quantity I like this benzoyl peroxide, I made the switch from salicylic acid to BP before stumbling upon the regimen so I had this on hand when I started my regimen daily. I think I will make the switch to Acne.org treament since it's more for your money...