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  1. Hello - I have been on spironolactone for the past year (25mg). However, because of a recent breakout, my derm. uped the dosage to 75mg. I have been having a lot of hair shedding becasue of this. I know that spiro is actually supposed to help with hiar loss, but my doctor let me know that in order for one to get to the growth stage, your hair first experiences the resting and shedding stage so that new hair can grow. Sounds assuring, but the hair falling out definatley is not! I have stopped
  2. I have extremely oily skin in the T-Zone and have been on Duac for the past 10 months. This is keeping the acne under control - somewhat - but really is doing nothing for my oily skin. My derm just recommended Clinac BPO 7. She said that this is not only good for acne (it contains 7% BP), but also will help keep the oil in check. I have never heard of this and can't seem to find much information on-line. Is anyone familiar with this product? Does it work? Thanks for the help!
  3. Hi Inuk - I recently am experiencing the same side effect from a cortisone shot that I had last month. I have a shallow dent where the cortisone was injected as well as hypopigmentation in the surrounding the area. I was assured that this was temporary, but none the less, that assurance has not calmed my concern! As it has been a few months since you posted your initial question, I was wondering if you had experienced an improvement in your situation - has your skin repigmented.
  4. I agree with the previous replies. My acne has never been that bad, however it is persistent and unresponsive to many treatments. I do not get large bumps...just mainly whiteheads and a few small pimples. I have oily skin with large pores in the T-Zone. I have been on accutane and it worked wonders. Low doses work extremely well for me as my skin is not horrible. Just do your research and remember that this is not a cure - many times your skin will revert to the state it was prior to accuta
  5. Thanks for your reply. Were your "dimples" deep dents or more shallow. A year is a long time! I am hoping that because mine is not deep (although still noticeable) it will not take that long.
  6. Glad you found something that works! I wish they had something similar in Ohio!
  7. About a month ago, against my better judgement, I had cortisone injected into a pimple that probably would have healed by now. My doctor only used one shot and let me know that she would use a lower dose because of my concerns regarding atrophy. Well it didn't work! Last week I noticed that the skin around the injection site has lightened in color (I am am African American so it is quite noticeable) and a dent has formed. The skin also feels quite thin...and a little weird. Will this go awa
  8. Hi Everyone! I am new to this forum and have been in search of a clear skin "cure" since I was 11! (I am now 28 and this has been a 17 year battle). Accutane was the only thing that kept my breakouts at bay and the oil production down. I loved it but the acne would always return. For the last year, to my surprise, I have been able to maintain clear skin while on DUAC in the morning, Retin-A micro at night, and spironolactone (25 mg). However, for some odd reason last month, I began breaking