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  1. i believe there are chemical peels to help with hyperpigmentation. might want to look into them.
  2. i'm not a dermatologist... but it does look like a bacterial folliculitis ... have you tried any antibiotics? i feel for yah brah... when i have a few cyst bumps on my chest, i freak out... i can't imagine what you're going through. definitely look into accutane, without a doubt, a derm will prescribe you a cycle or two. try those oral antibiotics first though. good luck with your future treatments!
  3. national, have you ever taken prohormones or aas? i'm not saying you have nor am i judging you. but if you have taken any kind of ph or aas that could have caused your hormones to go haywire. a while back (before 2005) when PH's were legal i took a cycle without knowing wtf it did to the body after finishing the cycle. i got acne in places I have never had before. Back acne, chest acne, face acne, and pityrosporum folliculitis (fungal). I believe the only way to get rid of these symptoms are wit
  4. this is something i would also like to know... anyone?
  5. looks like a cyst at its beginning stages.
  6. sporanox, its an oral antifungal medicine
  7. I did see my school doctor which he diagnosed as ACNE at first, then i took antibiotics and it got worse... I rubbed benzyol peroxide it got worse... He then realized it was PF and prescribed me ketconazole which somewhat worked. I tried Nirozal and tons of other OTC ANd herbal meds.
  8. I am currently using Ketoconazole 2% topical cream atm... It's not really doing much. I was thinking about taking ketoconazole orally but I dont have insurance to go see a doctor, then I stumbled upon some Fish Anti-fungal medication (Ketoconazole 200mg)... would this be safe for me to consume? Thanks in advance!
  9. logically, it's supposed to work... personally i would do it! it'll get rid of your acne and PF! killing two birds with one stone. I personally don't care for the side effects... such as suicidal thoughts and etc.... people that experience these side effects probably already had issues before taking accutane.