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  1. I'm getting small balck beads around my chin, and small white zits on my face. I don't know if it's beacuse of the make up powder from Mineral Hygienic or it's because of the weather... it's been around 90-93 degrees ever day for the past 3-4 days. I work in the restaurant, so I sweat a lot druing the day. The day after tomorrow is my 1 month Derm. followup, I don't know what the Dr. will say to me, I want to do some microdermabrasion to help speed up the fading of those RED marks on my face...
  2. I am getting clear day by day, but very slowly... every night when i wash my face in the shower with SA cleanser, i can feel the smoothness of my face, finally. But, those stupid RED scars are still there, they will be there for a long time, I know. I can cover up the scars with makeup during the day, but they are still there when all the makeup are gone. I started using Mineral Hygienic make up today, it's not bad, good coverage and has only 4 ingredients. I hope I will be 100% clear by the end
  3. Hi there, I am 28 years old female, and acne came back for me after being clear for 5 years. I can feel your pain because I've used the Clinique's 3 step about 2 months ago, and from a couple of small pimples to a full cystic acne on my right side of the face. I had stopped using the OTC meds, and saw a derm 2 days ago and went on Minocycline 100 mg once a day to calm down the bad acne. He also gave me Tretinoin 0.01 % gel, which I started to use last night and plan to use every other night. Ac
  4. May 6, 2010, I went to see my derm, and when he saw me, he said I should get the corticosteroid injection to bring down the inflammation. I had NEVER ever had those injections before, because I had never had cystic acne this bad. So he gave me 4-5 shot on my big group of acne , and told me that they will go down by tommorrow. Then he also gave me a SA 20% peel, put me on Minocyclin 100 mg once a day and a tretinoin 0.01% gel. I really didn't want to take any more pills, I think they are maybe ba
  5. April 15th, 2010, I've decided to switch to PTR product with sulfur. I've done some research on the internet and sulfur seemed to be a better choice for people who are not doing good with BP. I went to Sephora, and the sales guy was pretty nice and gave me some advice said that sulfur will help to bring down the inflammation inside the pimple and make it flat. I was happy to hear that because at that time, I had about 3 small pimple on the left side of my face, the right side ( the always bro
  6. It all started in Feb this year, when I went to the mall, passing by the Clinique counter and saw the new product Even Better Clinical spot treatment. At that time, I had only one small zit on the top of my eyebrowse, and some past acne marks, my face was not spotless, but I didn't have any major breakout either. I had stop taking Yaz back in Sept , 2009 becuase I was on the pill for 8 years. I think the pill really helps my face stay clear every month, but Ive heard that being on the pill for t