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  1. day 6! Yesterday was a longgg day. though I am home from school for the weekend so i have a nice space to relax now. The problem is that the upstairs bathroom in my house is a HUGE trigger place for me. Its where my mom first picked my skin and where I picked my skin for 7 years afterward. and theres still a blackhead extractor in the medicine cabinet. I almosst picked last night, but I put a mask on instead and my skin seems a bit better. also, a few good things: i got a TON of sleep last ni
  2. I had a really rough night last night. I wanted to pick so bad. my face got really really itchy and I scratched it a little but not hard or deep, and I didnt pick anything of squeeze anything. I was really white knuckling it. whew. but i made it to 5 days. thank you for being here and reading. your support means the world to me.
  3. Hey ivanna. I would definitely recommend going to stoppickingonme.com. It has tons of information and tips on quitting. Finding something to distract yourself, like a stressball, is a good idea. you are on the right track and congrats on your 2 days! I am currently 4 days pick free still sick. blegh. I almost dont want the cold to go away because its keeping me from picking. I am soooooo worn out. these last few days have been exhausting, and long. and this weekend is gonna be long. I hope that
  4. i would suggest that if you havent already, i would suggest visiting stoppickingonme.com it is an incredible resource absolutely FULL of information about picking and how to stop. make sure you read the whole site!
  5. 3 days PF. its easier to get through right now because I am still sick, and most of the time i am too exhausted to pick. gonna try and squeeze a nap in somewhere today so that I can feel better/take care of myself. I havent been breaking out too bad either lately which probably helps. trying to keep a positive attitude. I also started working through the 12 steps of Obsessive Skin Pickers Anonymous on stoppickingonme.com. this is the first time i am doing them. i spent a few hours on step 1, j
  6. welcome and congratulations on beginning your journey to stop picking. youve made a HUGE step! it is great that you are recognizing what a success it is to be picking less and less, and as long as you keep doing that, you are on the right track! this is a very difficult disease to quit cold turkey. There will likely be a few slip ups oon your way, but it happens to all of us. (i slipped up after being pick free for 4 weeks! agh!) but the best part is that you are here, and you have support, and
  7. congrats on the new record! whenever i get a little while without picking my face breaks out in a huge way too. I think its your skin just expelling all the stuff you used to keep pushing back down into the pore. also, when we pick at a pore, we damage it and change its shape, making it easier to get clogged. You have to let something completely heal in that pore without picking it in order for it to go back to its normal shape. good luck!
  8. 2 days pick free! the bad news is that i have a cold the good news is that whenever I am sick, I take super good care of myself. Like, i drink TONS and TONS of fluids, eat well, and get a lot of sleep. and i am too tired to pick. which shows up in my skin!
  9. I am one day pick free! that is very exciting. yesterday I had auditions to be a choreographer in my dance team. I made it, but they told me that they were "concerned" about my piece. Whatever. I'll show them. also, I had a bunch of very disturbing dreams last night. and woke up with a cold. i wont let any of this stop me. it is my time. I am in control.
  10. I'm sorry that you slipped Rasine. Good for you for having your mother keep them away from you. That means you are still strong and you can do this. Forgive yourself and start again! -Taylor
  11. YAY! glad to hear you are doing well! the best part is when you dont even care about picking. you dont even think about it or want to do it as much. thats really being free!
  12. well, I am about 10 hours pick free now. I did a manuka honey mask last night for the first time in weeks, and that seemed to calm down my skin a bit. I also took an ibuprofen just now to further reduce any redness and inflammation on my face. Right now I am just trying my best to jumpstart the healing. it feels so good to be committed again. also, in my new dorm we have a night light in the bathroom so i am going to try and wash my face by that instead of the regular light so i cant see anyth
  13. hi lovenlipgloss! I hope you are doing well. I have been doing really badly on not picking for a few weeks...we can start over together!
  14. My name is Taylor and I am a compulsive skin picker. Some of you may recognize me because I have been here before but i have been gone for a few stressful, pick filled, weeks. I started skin picking when I was 11 or 12. My mom used to pick at my skin when I first started getting acne and I became very ashamed over the slightest imperfection in my skin, and started picking to get the bad stuff out, or to punish myself. I pick when I am stressed, upset, disappointed, sad, bored, anxious, angry
  15. Ive been having a lot of trouble lately...I'm getting ready to go back to school and I am getting stressed about all the things I have to take care of. Moving too. i hate moving. I want to stay a kid forever and stay in my parents house. the world is scary thats also why I havent been around much. SO MUCH TO DO!