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  1. 10 weeks of Accutane... And I'm halfway done! My skin is not looking great these days. I have a few active cysts, probably hormonal, and it's red and angry looking. Anyway, I took a new picture of my back, as you can see, not much improvement. Let's hope things get better soon.
  2. 9 weeks of Accutane Ok, sorry, I keep meaning to take pictures but forget. Anyway, now it has been 9 weeks, and the side effects are still pretty mild. The skin on my hands and arms seems to be very sensitive and sometimes painful. I have red bumps all over my forearms and the slightest scratch feels really painful. I think I'm also getting a callous on my finger from knitting... which has never happened before, and I've done a lot of knitting in the past. Anyway, still a few active spots
  3. 8 weeks on Oratane So, it has now been 8 weeks. I went to see the dermatologist today. It seems like everything is fine. She said I was "drying out nicely" and my side effects were normal. I still have cracking at the corners of my lips, but no nose bleeds. My neck joints are also still sore occasionally, but I started taking Glucosamine whih seems to be helping. I don't really have much else to report. My face is still red and I'm still healing slowly... she told me this was normal, the
  4. Week 6 Ok, I have been taking Oratane for 6 weeks now. For the past week or so my skin has definitely been drier, and I have been having almost no new pimples, and absolutely no new cysts in at least 2 weeks. Until today. I just noticed 2 new cysts on my back. This definitely goes along with my menstrual cycle - normally I would probably have more than 2 new cysts at this time of the month, and maybe a few during the rest of the month. So, I think the Oratane is working, maybe next month
  5. 5 weeks on Oratane Side effects starting to be annoying. Very dry lips, cracking, peeling, painful to eat salad with vinaigrette, anything with lemon juice, etc. Dry nostrils, scabs inside my nostrils. My face and back are still covered in zits. I'm also breaking out on my chest which has never happened before. Though my skin is feeling drier, it's still breaking out. My eyes are dry too. I use eye drops and various lotions and potions, creams and salves on my face. My cuticles are also
  6. 3 weeks 3 weeks of Oratane... not much to report. No major changes in my acne. My skin is feeling drier, especially my lips which are requiring more lipgloss than usual, and my eyes are also feeling dry, but I still have a number of cysts on my back, including recent ones that are still coming up. My face has been kinda clear but no better than it would occasionally be before treatment. Other than that, no sever side effects or success to report.
  7. 2 weeks of Accutane Hi, It's been over 2 weeks now I've been taking Oratane... nothing seems to be happening. No dry skin, so side effects, no changes. I'm still having break outs, no better or worse than I was having before I started taking the drugs. I guess I just keep waiting.... Nicole
  8. 1 week of Accutane Thanks for all the good luck messages. Anyway, it's been 1 week, today, that I began taking 30 mgs of Oratane a day. Honestly I can say absolutely no differences in my body at all. No side effects (dry skin, back pain, etc.), no change to my face or back, no initial break out. It's like I'm not even taking anything! Anyway, I will post again next week.
  9. I'm a 30 year old female, and I began taking Accutane yesterday. I've had moderate acne all my life, however in the past year I have been having serious problems with acne on my back and face. Since I didn't have insurance I never was able to consult a dermatologist. I tried everything, Salycilic acid washes, Benzoil peroxide, Cetaphil, Proactive, Murad, tea tree oil, etc. etc. etc. Nothing has worked for me. I was hesitant to take any hormonal birth control, or Accutane, for fear of fertil