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  1. My skin was perfectly fine until age 15. At that age I started lifting weights and I started to get mild acne. At 16 it became moderate. At 17 when I really started getting into bodybuilding and trying to become "huge" my acne could easily become severe if I didn't use topical creams -- my skin was extremely oily 24/7 even though I rinsed my face every couple hours. I would consume 3500-4000+ calories everyday, and train super hard with heavy weight 6 days a week. I also took a lot of whey
  2. Let's face it, there are people out there who just don't get acne no matter what they put into their bodies. There are people out there whose diet could just consist of milk, cookies, candy, ice cream, McDonald's, chocolate, etc. yet not get a single acne lesion. There are also bodybuilders out there who regularly take bucket loads of anabolic steroids yet their skin doesn't get a drop oilier and they don't get any acne no matter if they're injecting 3000 mg of testosterone a week into their b