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  1. my dermatologist recommends Oil of Olay complete. Nick
  2. I was using clindamycin as a topocol in the morning. clind is an external antibiotic. On top of that I was on tetracycline. I was on the treatment for 8 weeks now. My acne has gone away, its just the scarring that is left. Nick
  3. I've been on clindamycin, tetracycline and retin a micro for two months now. I no longer have pimples but have red / brown marks on my face. I've stopped the clindamycin and tetracycline on friday and have stop teh retin a micro on saturday. Should I stay on my regimen or should i stop it all together. My Derm never told me when to go off of the regimen. YOu think it is too soon?? Right now Im putting on Vita-K for blotchy skin morning and night. thanks, Nick
  4. well i decided that imma kick it for a little bit at home until my regimen comes to a closure in 2 1/2 weeks. In any case, this is my regimen: morning: 500mg tetracycline 1 % clindamycin gel vitamins C 1000mg vitamin B complex cod liver oil Vitamin E. Night 500 mg tetracycline retinol a micro .1% Whoever is on the regimen like mine, week 1-6 is gonna suck. You're gonna have massive breakouts and pimples everywhere. Im on my 6th week now and 95% of my pimples ar
  5. should i go snowboarding if Im on clindamycin gel? Since the goggles and the scarfs might rub the gel off, im afraid to do something i really enjoy just to get rid of the acne. thanks, Nick
  6. dont pick. I just finish my 5th week and yes the whiteheads come out in full force during this time. Just wait til the 7th week and it should get significantly better. I'll let you know when I get there. Im starting my 6th week today. Nick
  7. what do you suggest for men with olive complexion to conceal red/brown spots? thanks, Nick
  8. Hi, I was wondering what's the best cover up make to use for my red spots. Im an asian male with tan olive complexion? thanks, Nick
  9. thanks guys/gals for the words of encouragement. Im gonna stick with the regimen for 3 months, if it doesnt get any better, imma go with accutane. wish me luck as I wish you all luck...
  10. I've been on this regimen for the past 5 weeks. It seems that my acne has gotten worse. Im getting new pimples each day and am not see a drastic improvement. My day consists of Morning: washing with Dove sensitive skin Bar wait 15 mins Put on clindamycin 1% gel take 500 mg of tetracycline Night time: take 500 mg of tetracycline washing with Dove sensitive skin Bar wait 15-30 mins Put on Retin A Micro .1% So far what has happen is my old acne are slowly going away but l