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  1. Skin is pretty clear except for a cluster or red bumps on my right cheek and a couple on my forehead. i put SA on it to help it peel. i am going to see if the peeling will help prevent dark spots. after the peeling i am going to leave everything alone and not use any products
  2. imissyourkisses

    Day 1

    Last night I did an SA peel so I have a lot of scabs. still a bit of inflamation too. just been washing with soap and then moisturizing. waiting for the scabs to fall off
  3. Ok so after a few months of decent skin, my skin lokos bad again. it is very inglamed maybe due to hormones. I am going to go back to using only soap and moisturizer and trying to eat healthy. idk what agravtes the inflamtion. i loved not having to wear makeup but i cant do that anymore because my skin is a mess. i want to cry. i am going to try again. i wish i could remove all mirrors. starting tommorrow i will no longer pic. priot to this i started using acv and cocnut oil and all sor
  4. My hormonal inflammation has calmed, I havent been picking and im finally clear! cant wait till these scabs peel off and i can have clear skin. i wil probably have a few scars. idk if i should treat the spots with SA or TCA.
  5. i have used tca in the past (dont remember that %) and i may have over done it but i ended up with hyperpigmentation (i have brown skin and am prone that). i have been using Kavi 15% salicylic acid since november once a week. i bought tca again but i dont think i will be using it since the results of the kavi just kicked in. I have found that as long as i dont pick, the SA can do its just. Seriously, I have become 90% clear in just 2 weeks! If youre looking for a gentle but effective peel I woul
  6. Sorry I can't help much but I am on the same boat! Vegetarian with pms acne, except mine is on my cheeks and leaves scars too!! Tried all the same stuff you tried. Nothing helped.
  7. imissyourkisses


    Some spots peeled off. Left cheek looking much better. Right cheek has a few painful spots and a lot of dark spots so put on some more SA today on top of aloe
  8. imissyourkisses

    Day 28

    Did a peel yesterday. It didnt burn or as much as usual so I left it on a little longer
  9. imissyourkisses

    Day 25

    Alot of skin peeled off. Looks better now. Planning on doing another peel on Sunday
  10. imissyourkisses

    Day 22

    Did an SA peel on sunday (day 20) after pickin at my skin. Got a lot of scabs. Hopefully when they peel off it look look better
  11. imissyourkisses

    Day 18

    Skin is looking a little better, but far from perfect. The inflammation has gone down a little. No active spots just red ones that need to heal. Have been using tea tree oil. Just gonna wash and moisturize all weekend since I will be away. Too bad I can't have clear skin for my trip. I didn't want to use any heavy makeup but I will have to for this weekend. Plan to do an SA peel on sunday when I get back.
  12. imissyourkisses

    Day 16

    It's so discouraging..when your skin looks good for a while and then out of no where looks like complete crap. I really don't know what to do. I went to get extractions today and the lady kept telling me to go see a doctor. But I've already done that and tried everything and all that stuff in fact makes it worse. So what am I supposed to do? I don't get it. What did I do to deserve this. What am I doing wrong that is causing this? I just can't figure it out. I just want to hide and I hate going
  13. imissyourkisses

    Day 12

    Did an SA peel last night. Havent picked A couple of spots. I'm guessing its purging. Contemplating getting a facial next week
  14. imissyourkisses

    Day 10

    Skin lookin soooo much better. Peeling a little on spots. No inflammation just dark marks. Gonna do a peel on sunday. Must have good skin for my vacation on the 19th! That means no picking for 10 days!