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  1. hi estie I wanted to send you a message about possibly getting a referral for the doc you use for IPL's? Couldn't send you a message though it says you are not able to receive messages. PM me when you get a chance thank you so much :)

  2. I have to take BC or it's bad. Since I was 15 and now I'm 22. Lol god knows what will happen when I try to get pregnant!
  3. I just smelled a bracelet to see if it looked good. Maybe pie for breakfast isn't working out.

  4. A client referred to me as "tiny" today. I'm here to remedy that. Muahahaha

  5. Today seems like a good day to douse myself in sunscreen and walk until I can't no mo. I suppose eating pizza means I must do these things... ☀

  6. Let it be known that Adam Bishop fell asleep last night with 2 fingers hanging on my ear. For a good 5 minutes. Oh how I wish I had a picture. Hahaha.

  7. Today marks my official 20 pound weight loss mark. 2 years of slowly making progress. Freshman 15 (+), kiss my ass! ;)

  8. Counting my many blessings and trying to see them each individually for the gift that they are. Sometimes it's good to sit back and ruminate on the positive.

  9. Sade is the only thing convincing me to get out of bed today.

  10. Rent for a multiple story house in other parts of the country is $1160 and I'm trying to look at one bedroom apartments here for much more.... FML

  11. Nothing like a 3 hour delay at an airport with one restaurant and one gift shop. Which I've already patronized.... muahahahha.... not good.

  12. Does anybody know of a swim team/league/whatever in the San Jose area? I want to get back into shape and it would be nice to join a team again!

  13. Congratulations to my relatives Linda and Bill on 50 years of marriage. It is amazing and inspiring what dedication, good humor, and love can create. ❤

  14. I wish that English and reading comprehension skills alone could land me a job and a degree. I have never been proficient at math (somewhat at science) and I feel trapped. Damn school systems and smart scientists...

  15. My mom was right. (one of the many times in life I will say this....) Dying my hair so much has screwed it up! Any tips from ze ladies or whomever on how to repair damage and get it back to it's high school glory?