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  1. Obsessed is an understatement!

    I'm obsessed. I've been using coconut oil for literally everything (moisturizer, lotion, diaper rash cream, homemade deodorant, etc., etc.) I wanted to use something without chemicals. I was weary about putting an oil on my face when I have acne prone skin (been pretty clear for about 2 years now), but this stuff is amazing. While researching I found that is has natural antibacterial/anti-fungal properties and won't clog pores. It also makes an awesome lip balm and is great as an anti-aging crea
  2. I hear you, I'm kind of scared to get pregnant again, lol. My face just hurts so bad. Gotta love hormones. What's pupps rash? I have not heard of this. Ughh, one more thing to stress over. I love how all of my friends ended up with glowing skin and shiny hair. Not me.
  3. Just an update for anyone who is interested: I'm now 6 months pregnant and my skin is a disaster!!!!!!!!!!! I'm breaking out on my forehead, jawline and both cheeks. The blemishes are super painful and are lasting foreverrr for some reason. Even the small ones that would normally go right away won't clear up. My doctor keeps blowing me off bc it's not a big medical issue and he's seriously pissing me off. I can't wait until this baby is out so that I can TCA the hell out of my face.
  4. Noooo!!!!! Stay on the Yaz!!! Trust me! Give it at least 4 months! I've tried many different BCP's due to my hormonal acne and Yaz is the only one that completely cleared me up! Just give it time because it is SO worth it! I'm pregnant now and my skin is a disaster! I can't wait until baby is born and I can go back on the Yaz.
  5. I use Dove Soap to wash my makeup off before I use my cleanser. I think it does good job & leaves my face feeling clean. If this is going to be your main cleanser, just make sure to really wash it off your face. Dove seems to take a while for me to fully wash off my face. Also, Dove is a lot better than regular old soap because of the moisturizer in it. It never leaves my face feeling tight like regular soap.
  6. Yeah Im so tired of these marks, and my marks don't look like that anymore they are slowly fading cause I have started getting chemical peels from the dermatologist but their sooo pricy to get them done every 2 weeks Yeah, I know they can get expensive. You can do them yourself though - I do. It's way cheaper and it's super easy. Just go to the Makeup Artist Choice website. I'm glad your maks are getting better though. I didn't have great success with the Clinique Acne Solutions.... :(
  7. Hey, just my opinion, but the reason you're not breaking out anymore is probably because of the BP. If you're getting good results I wouldn't stop using it. Maybe switch brands? I use BP pretty frequently and have never gotten a dark spot from it. I know what you mean about the foundation though. Have you ever tried Bare Minerals foundation? Great coverage, but it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything. I love it bc I have super oily skin - and with the Bare Minerals I don't even have to blot
  8. For me it is important to put my foundation on, go do something else, and then come back to touch up if need be. My skin needs time to settle & get less red after I apply my foundation. If I dont give it time then I end up over applying.
  9. I've never tried a peel but I'd definitely be open to it if you had such great results! Thanks so much for this suggestion. How long did it keep your skin clear for/how often did you have to do them? When you're first starting out you can do the peel one time every 3 weeks; then 1x every 4-6 months. I did a full face peel the first time, then spot treatment 2 weeks later. My peel was good for about 8 months, then I did another one. SO SO worth the down time.
  10. Like the OP, my acne is also DEFINITELY hormonal. BC is the only thing that has ever worked for me. Did you just ask your doctor to be put on the Spiro? Everytime I went to the derm they prescribed the same old garbage (Benzaclin & Differin) which is so frustrating because I know it's hormonal, but they wouldn't listen to me. Thanks.
  11. I'm with you my friend. I just started subbing 3 weeks ago and my skin exploded with painful nodules. Real fun to deal with students with a face full of acne and it keeps getting worse every day! Keep your head up. FlaggLives is right - jobs are scarce. Just keep using the antibiotics - you're just having an initial breakout and it will get better. In my case, I look at my skin in the mirror as close as possible, so I make it out to be much worse than it is (although it is bad.) You will get thr
  12. Oh do I feel you!!!! I'm 25 (aka too old for this nonsense), I'm also broke (rent was due 5 days ago) and BP was the only thing to help me. Generic Yaz was the only thing that ever cleared me up....I tried Ortho Tri Cyclen, Lo Estrin, Yaz, etc. and nothing worked for me. I went off the BCP's bc I lost my insurance & my fiance got demoted to part-time (gotta love the economy) and couldn't afford to pay for them every month. I started using TCA peels and was getting really good results. Burnin
  13. I love this post!! This is a topic I think about constantly! I too am pregnant with my first child and I have gone from clear to my skin being out of control bad!! I'm a substitute teacher trying to get in full-time, but who is going take me seriously when my face looks like my students' faces? It's hard enough now going into classrooms with a face full of acne and trying to remain in control of 20+ kids. But honestly, I didn't get my degree to be a sub for the rest of my life (sub pay sucksss!!
  14. Sounds to me like the face wash you were using is WHY your skin is "moderately ok." I think if you stop using it for too long your skin will breakout. Sounds like your having at least okay success. I wouldn't stop for too long. If you're prone to breakouts, then not using anything will most likely break you out. Stick with what gives you good results.
  15. HelloLovve

    All natural, drys up active pimples, exfoliates, natural disenfectant, lasts forever, works great on my hormonal acne during pregnancy (woohoo no chemicals!) A little abrasive on sensitive skin Can be pricey (depending on brand) I really like using sea salt. I use Adovia Dead Sea Salt in two different ways. The first way: I boil water to steam my face and then I put the sea salt in the bowl. It's like being at the beach. It makes my skin soft and less oily. About 5 times a week I mix a tsp.