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  2. Hi,

    I just read all your blog posts and saw your pictures. Wow! I'm amazed that proactive worked so well on you. My cousin has huge pimples like the one you had on your forehead but they're all over her face and simple treatments like proactive do not work on her. So, did you ever find out how it was that your pimple got to be that big?

  3. So I have been using Neutrogena which is actually just a two step process of facial cleanser and acne lotion. It is working pretty well and I have almost no acne right now. I don't know if this is working so well due to using Proactive first, but I am going to recommend this product.
  4. A while ago I had a gigantic pimple and I didn't know what to do, so I bought Proactive and used it. It took 2 weeks for it to go away, and I had to go to school mon-fri each week until it was gone. If I get another pimple like this or if someone else gets one, I would like a slightly quicker solution to be available. I'm not sure how to put a picture up here but it is attached. So if you can not view the image please notify me and tell me how to make it viewable.
  5. I continued using the three step process and the facial mask. My skin is almost 100% clear now and has been so for a total of about a week since I started using Proactive. I owe my clearing up partially to my discontinued use of cheese. My Proactive kit is running fairly low, even though the bottles are on completely different levels. The Revitalizing Toner has about 1/6th or 1/7th left in the bottle while the other two still have about 1/4th left. I don't know why this is for I go fairly e
  6. So my face is now pretty much completely clear. I still use Proactive regularly and have been experimenting with the foods I eat to see if that has an effect. I was told that DAIRY products increase your chances of a breakout. I decided to test this out for me and I found the 3 strongest dairy products that are the worst for most peoples skin and I cut them out of my diet. After 2 weeks, my face had completely cleared up. The foods I had cut out were cheese, butter, and eggs (I know i
  7. So this is day 21 of proactive and I can honestly say that it is helping. I am still getting one to two cystic pimples on my face at once, but they are puny in comparison. These cystic pimples are about as big around as an eraser, and they hurt, but they are significantly smaller than my other pimples. I have continued using the three step process and my face is so much clearer! My facial acne scarring is going away and I am pumped. BTW Nobody checked out that picture of my pimple,
  8. typical kid

    Day 4

    I'm sorry to hear about your acne. I am 17 and hate it because I get mountains too. Check out the mountain in my album. I had to go to school with that for 2 weeks and I could hear people talking about it.
  9. My pimples are all pretty much gone. I have continued using the three step process.
  10. The pictures of my pimple were finally approved so go check it out. It is pretty beastly.
  11. So today is the fourth day of having a large pimple. It was significantly smaller when I woke up this morning, I would even say almost completely healed. I followed the three step process for proactive and used the refining mask overnight. My pimple between my eyes is a little bigger, but I am not gonna mess with it. Also the one near my nose is already smaller. I have now stepped up to two applications of the three step process of proactive per day. My forehead pimple was barely swollen a
  12. I have never tried and over the counter regimen so Proactive is my first, but I have been to the Dermatologist 3 times. All three times my acne was classified as severe cystic acne. My acne used to be really really bad and now it isn't as bad, but still way worse than others. The first time I went I was put on .1% Differin cream with a bleach based skin cleaner. The bleach stuff was heavy duty and was meant to stop the cysts from forming. It worked for a little while but the stuff came back
  13. So this is now Wednesday and the 3rd day I have gone to school with people making comments of shock at my pimple. I took some pictures of it so you can see what it is. I now have another pimple in between my eyes that is about 1 centimeter in size and another similar next to my nose on the right side of my face. I am surprised that I am breaking out again since the huge pimple is still there. I have been breaking out constantly for about 1 month now. I just took eggs, cheese, and butter out
  14. typical kid


  15. So today my pimple was still pretty good in size. I put ice on it which brought down the swelling by about 1/3. I was not able to try out the hydrocortizone cream due to the proactive. I used the 3 step facial cleansing routine and put the refining mask on my pimple and went to bed. When I woke up it was less red and less swollen. The only problem is that the pimple swells throughout the day even when I don't touch it. I was told that this could be from the humidity or that my facial expre