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  1. I wouldnt say i have moderate or severe acne. i dont have any cysts or nodules or anything, i just have alot of little pimpes all over, mainly concentrated on my shoulders.
  2. well the BP and AHA has worked great on my chest, im totally clear. the AHA works wonders on my face (usually clears anything in 2 days tops) but im just not seeing the same results on my back. it will clear to a certain spot then just seems to stop getting any clearer
  3. So ive been using the back regimen for about two months now and i took a break due to camp and vacation so ive started again and ive been wondering if i actually didnt need the bp and it was just preventing it from clearing up. im not sure if my acne is moderate-severe but i got the bp just in case. if it isnt that bad, will bp actually make the clearing take longer? should i just use AHA?
  4. This intrigues me as well...Dans regimen is working but just not fast enough for me, i have a church camp im going to in 5 days and i need to be clearer faster, and seeing how fast everyone says this works, ill be going to walmart today to buy me some. i have moderate acne, no cysts or nodules just lots of little pimples on my back (maybe not as many as i think) and im hoping this will clear it up in 5 days. ill report back with my findings sunday morning, or sooner if it works.