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  1. ok i am on accutane almost on my 8th week and i have more scars than i have acne its just crazy. i have started using emu oil i might be five days in but ya they are frustrating. what is the best home remedy. need serious help it bothers me, also if by chance whats the fastest home remedy that will work like 2 to 3 weeks. who has had any experience with these? and how long does it take? which would you recommend? tomato juice cucumber juice emu oil aloe vera gel pure lemon juice rose wa
  2. hello, for my first month my derm put me on 20mg twice a day, for the second he just upped my dose to 60mg. im in the middle of my 7th week and i had kindof a minor breakout but they go away fast. i already had an initial breakout last month can you get another one by upping your dose???? also what works best and fastest for acne scars while on accutane, and i could just be mad but in a way does dry skin kinda help acne scars. p.s when should i see results i have moderate acne on my chin m
  3. thanks for the replys what is msm suppliments?
  4. if and of you have triedlemon juice for acne scars. how well does it work and when do you see best results. also is it ok to use it while on accutane. if not what can i use for acne scars. cause there bothering me qwite a bit. thanks
  5. ok so i have been on accutane for about 4 weeks and i have red marks. which product is best for the scars and to help with the acne; whitch hazel, aloe vera gel, emu oil, lemon juice, mederma. or if you have any better products to suggest. and do you see results from accutane around week 7 or 8
  6. i am on my 4th week of accutane 20mg twice a day, im pretty sure i had the initial breakout in the first three weeks and i think its just barely going away. my acne kinda looks like its clearing up already. but how many times do you breakout during accutane, and what week do you see the best results i keep hearing between the 8th and 9th. p.s i have moderate to moderate severe
  7. ok i just finished my first week of accutane 20mg twice a day. i have moderate to moderate severe maybe. i actually broke out in like the first week and its still going is it normal to breakout this early. i know i wont see results in a couple weeks maybe months. but what are the odds of clearing most f it up in the first 2 months.