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  1. PanOxl 10% BP Chest, Back, and Face Bar twice a day. You don't want to scar it more! Give it some time to show results, because I had very bad body acne.
  2. Well my bacne is cleared up finally. If you had like 2 pimples then it shouldn't be too hard to clear. I had moderate to severe and im a teenager My doctor put me on doxycycline for 3 months(its such a little pill) and I would def say that improved it alot, but didnt clear all the way. It was mild so just by using panoxl bp bar for chest and back cleared it up great, and was smooth. Then I had tons of red marks, but I'm a skateboarder and its so freaking hot around noon time no one goes to t
  3. This regimen is really doing great for me! I still have these dang red marks, and I heard that Jojoba Oil also helps with red marks and so does AHA even though we dont know the % Did you ever have red marks? How long did it take to fade them? Hopefully jojoba and AHA will fade them fast before school starts! haha
  4. It has been working great for me lately and my pimples are almost gone or are much smaller! It still has red marks though and if I stop using BP the acne will come back. So tell me if this is a good regimen for my body acne! Morning: -Dry Brush Exfoliate my back,chest, and shoulders(Makes my skin feel smoother) -Get in shower and wash with Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash(Hands Only) -Rinse with lukewarm/cool water -Apply 50/50 solution of Lemon Juice and Water to Back,chest, and shoulders(To fade
  5. I've been on this regimen for a couple days and since I had light/mild acne on my face it cleared up within the time ive been using it! But I got dry skin and the BP made my skin red and peeling. I think i'll be buying jojoba oil soon haha. It feels so uncomfortable to smile, and when I turn my head my neck stings!!! My whole face stings too haha I'm not buying the Acne.org Jojoba Oil, but I'm going to buy an organic one from desert essence? i think its called haha!!! hopefully it helps *fin
  6. Hahaha I got the 16oz bottle of Dan's BP yesterday and started last night! Look at my signature! hahahaha copied your regimen lololol, but for the lotion, how much AHA is in it? Im jw cause I wanna use it on my back as well! Please reply!
  7. I am going to lake michigan for fourth of july weekend and I want to know since I have moderate - severe back acne if I can go swimming in there? I heard sea salt helps but it dont got any cuz its not the ocean haha Will it help my body acne or make it worse? I plan on going in with a shirt than taking it off once im inside. If its murky no one will see the acne!
  8. Same here! I want to enjoy being a teen, can't wait to outgrow this acne. Must be even harder cause your a girl.
  9. HOLY CRAP! I've been on this antibiotic since monday(less than a week) and my back, chest and shoulders are improving sooooo much!! I've got to take this for 3 months and im positive I will be 100% Clear by then! For my face and neck! my face is usually clear, ive found a great way to treat it, but then I got a pimple on my jawline(didnt form a whitehead) its drying out now though. Still have the 2 pimples on the back of my neck tho! D: Hairline and right in the middle. Hopefully will go away
  10. You make it sound like a disease...... dont jinx it yo!!! freaking me out, im only 15. Besides I wouldn't mind if it came back mild, its better than severe, why do u think i got prescribed Doxy(Mino, tetra family) and if it comes back the same then oh well(at least I can treat it before it gets bad, and that I have the knowledge i didnt have when I was 13 and started to get it.
  11. I've never really ordered anything online so I was wondering where I could get some AHA 10% or 12% OTC that I could find at a Target or Walmart!?! I live in Chicago(Hope that helps) I can't find some damn AHA anywhere!!!! I have Healthy Skin Face Lotion from Neutrogena that contains AHA but idk the % and idk if I can use it on my body Please lol.
  12. Thanks, maybe i'll try to dove body wash once my neutrogena one runs out. As for the Doxycycline... i can't swallow pills. haaa i have a phobia. :/ and the really red spot on my neck is a scab. i picked at it. veryy bad. haha. Awh well that sucks!!! My Doxy pills are smaller than skittles, feels like im swallowing nothing, idk if this helps but ask your derm for the brand of the smaller tablets/capsules. idkkkkk but yeah Dove all the way!
  13. I feel your pain!!! I'm going to highschool as well and I want to be clear by the time school starts again!!! I started taking an antibiotic called Doxycycline and it is really working for me I think you should take it too, because tbh that looks exactly like my back, except for the bloody one on the neck? Anyways just take an antibiotic from your derm, trust me it will help. Preventing any further scarring or red marks. May I suggest you stop using Neutrogena Body Wash(You don't have too) b
  14. Okay thanks for the reply! I will def take out SA of my Body Acne Regimen :surprised: Can you tell me some good AHA products that I can find at a walmart or target? I have neutrogena healthy skin face lotion and idk how much AHA is in it. I could use that for a while but could please tell me. Thanks! :think:
  15. I have moderate acne on my back, and my chest n shoulders are mild acne. Can you please tell me if this is a good regimen for my body acne so I can be clear by the time I have to take swimming for freshmen year of highschool? Regimen for my body acne: -Put Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash on Loofa -Get a lather and start to gently massage into my acne prone areas -Rinse with cold water before getting out -When my body is dry I take a couple of Oxy Pads 2% SA and rub all over my acne prone areas on