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  1. I need some help on what to do here. I started taking creatine to help with size and strength gains in the gym. I took it for two weeks and everything seemed fine. Then I started to break out bad, get light headed, and have stomach cramps. I immediately stopped taking it. The acne I'm having is big huge nodules by my nose/cheek. I've had 3 in the last 3 weeks and I'm also breaking out in whiteheads in the same area. It's been 3 weeks since I've stopped taking creatine and I'm still suffering fro
  2. jward2090

    Week 3

    So it's the end of week 3 and my skin is still doing the same thing it was in the first two weeks. Dry skin and white heads/pimples that pop up out of nowhere overnight. The pimples heal fast though which is nice, but usually I don't have very many pimples to begin with...so not doing so great. What's weird is my forehead was my problem area before, but now it's pretty much clear and the areas I didn't have pimples are breaking out (cheeks and above mouth). Maybe this is because of the dry s
  3. jward2090

    Week 2

    By the end of the first week my skin was starting to break out a little more. At the beginning of the second week my skin started "purging" and I was getting a lot of whiteheads and even some bigger pimples. I also got a few pimples in random places that I never break out (cheeks). I have a bad habit of picking, so some of the marks are still around. Overall...not a very good week for my skin. I'd wake up every day with 2 new pimples but noticed they go away very fast after I pop them. My skin i
  4. jward2090

    Week 1

    I started doing this because I was experiencing a pretty bad breakout and said F it. So I started this when I was breaking out...first day doing it I woke up with a cystic pimple. Pretty sure I was gonna wake up with it no matter what so I don't blame it on not using any treatment. The cystic pimple went away really fast, but I started getting whiteheads in random places. My face wasn't too oily, but my skin was dry and was flaking in some places. Overall, not too much of a drastic change. If an
  5. Introduction First off, hello to anyone that is reading this! I'm 23 years old, male, and in great physical shape. I have a very healthy diet and am fortunate enough to eat mostly organic/natural foods. Even though I take great care of myself I still suffer from the occasional pimple. I'd describe my acne as fairly light. I used to get cystic acne here and there, but now I maybe get one a year. My skin is pretty oily and sensitive. I NEVER broke out or had more than 1 pimple a week until I t
  6. When I was younger I always used the Dove unscented sensitive skin beauty bar (long name) for washing my face and I had no problems with acne until I was 18 (now 21) and I moved on to harsh chemicals and tore my skin apart. Now my skin is calming down and I can tell that this phase of my life will soon hopefully be over. So far it has done a decent job.. It's been just over a week since I started using it again (8 days). My skin has evened out and feels/looks softer. It also has helped with
  7. To start off I remember when I was younger I always used the Dove unscented sensitive skin beauty bar (long name) for washing my face and I had no problems with acne. So far it has done a decent job.. It's been just over a week since I started using it again (8 days). My skin has evened out and feels/looks softer. It also has helped with oily skin. Currently this is the only thing I'm using unless I get a whitehead then I put some tea tree oil onto it. Anyway. My question fir those if y
  8. Hello everyone, I am on day 5 of this and my face is soooo red... I don't know what it's from. It itches so bad and has tiny red bumps but only on the bridge of my nose and skin around it, between my eyebrows, and most the the center part of my forehead... is this normal? My skin is not flaking at all.. just very red and irritated with hundreds of tiny red bumps that are not pimples. I just want to scratch my forehead so bad. It looks pretty weird too.. any help on this? I'm thinking maybe it's
  9. I just placed my order for some Jojoba Oil they advertise on this site.. my question is.. I also have some tea tree oil, is it a good idea to get some TTO on a cotton ball then put 6 drops of jojoba oil on top of that? Or am I just wasting my money and time? I have been using diluted TTO for about a month and it's working okay but I need to add something in to help more with controlling oil throughout a long work day. Oily skin is the only reason I'm still breaking out! Will the two
  10. jward2090

    Oily skin..

    Also with the tea tree oil.. whenever I use it I notice my face is completely wiped out of oil.. isn't that bad for your skin? It usually stays that way for like an hour and a half and starts getting shiny! It doesn't over dry my skin at all, no redness or irritation, just little bumps/blackheads on my forehead that seem to stick around forever.
  11. jward2090

    Oily skin..

    Thank you all for your suggestions. I went out yesterday and got some chelated zinc and I am taking 60 mg a day.. gonna see how that works out. I have fish oil.. gonna have to start taking that again too. I have just about any type of vitamin you can think of haha.
  12. jward2090

    Oily skin..

    Okay so here's the story.. I'm 21 years old, I'm a male and I would definitely say I have mild acne. My whole problem is my oily skin! I never really get any pimples on my cheeks or chin.. hardly ever, I'm past the hormonal stage of acne I do believe. My skin gets really really oily throughout the day, some people ask me why I'm sweating and it's pretty embarrassing. The only acne I ever really get is on my forehead and it is usually just whiteheads scattered here and there. I workout almo
  13. Hi, I'm 19 (turn 20 in june) and I have pretty light acne like 6-7 whiteheads is decent for me. I have been using a topical gel with erythromicin/benzoyl peroxide for years now. I never had acne until a few months before I was 18, then I started getting cystic acne and a lot of white heads/imflamed zits. After dealing with that for a while I was put on doxycycline and the topical gel. I took doxycycline for like a year and it cleared up my sking tremendously, but then I read of the caveman regi