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  1. I've been doing this for about two weeks and it definitely faded some of my red marks, but it seems to have stopped working.. has anyone else experienced this?
  2. I'm sorry Lucyleigh! Don't give up hope! I think that if you really do stick with ACV it'll help you, I've just heard so many good things about it. Maybe you should keep taking it for more than a month, but add other stuff too? I would give it the month at least though. Good luck with everything!
  3. The nearest ocean to my house is filled with oil... and it's really far from Missouri. Thanks for the suggestion though
  4. The topic says it all.. I know that a holistic diet is better all around, but will it do anything for red/purple/pink marks? Or can you only get rid of those topically? Okay, I lost the pictures trying to delete the other posts... grr. . I'll get them back up later today.
  5. The topic says it all.. I know that a holistic diet is better all around, but will it do anything for red/purple/pink marks? Or can you only get rid of those topically?
  6. I went to an all-organic farm today and the lady who runs it knew a lot about acne, about PH and everything, and she said that raw milk should really be a good thing because of the bacteria. I'm nervous about drinking it too since everyone on here says makes it so taboo, but I LOVE milk (hence the severity of my acne, probably) so keep me udpated if you think it makes your acne worse.
  7. Stay strong! The same thing happened to me; one night I went to bed with my face relatively the way it had been (lots of dark marks, a few clumps of active zits) and the next morning I woke up with like five new active zits that came out of NOWHERE. I think it's just part of the process, because they went away pretty quickly. My face is looking a LOT better, and I'm just beginning week three! One side looks a lot better than the other though, which is strange. And it's funny that you say you'r
  8. For the ACV, I'm using two cotton balls, one for each side of my face, and dipping it into my solution which is basically 2/3 water 1/3 ACV (with mother). Then I wait for it to absorb and put the Manuka on. By the way, thanks for the info about the bacteria! I'm glad I didn't try it. My skin looked REALLY clear yesterday, and I honestly think it's because I spent about 5 hours in the sun and about 4 of those basically exercising outdoors. So Sahartar, I'm 1/4 Lebanese and that's the color my
  9. I think it does get worse before it gets better! I actually have the same question and no one was able to answer it (or no one wanted to). I've been using it topically and it gave me more active pimples yes, but I think it reallly helps with scarring and I think it does bring the gross stuff in your skin up and out. Give it time, though (I know it's really frustrating), I've read that so many people have had amazing results with it! And my face is starting to look better with it topically, too!
  10. Here's a simple list of my questions. Has anyone heard negatives of ACV? (I feel like it helped me the first week, but the second week it brought back inflammation because I didn't dilute enough and might be making me break out more.) Does ACV make acne get worse before it gets better? Oh, and how much sun is too much sun? I've heard 15 minutes, but I've also heard "lots and lots of sunlight" .. or does it vary? Has anyone had success with the Oil-Cleansing Method? Is it true that "oil d
  11. I guess I shouldn't have posed it as a question; basically for me it's holistic (primarily ACV and honey) or Accutane. But even though I think my acne is pretty damn severe, I've been comparing it to others and I don't think it's severe enough for Accutane. But I don't know. My stupid derm who never did me any good should feel badly enough about it to give it to me if I want it, anyway. As for diet -- I really am trying. Everything here about diet lines up with the causes of my acne. I've al
  12. Sahartar, thanks for the advice. I hope that the holistic approach will work for me, but we'll see. I'll try to give it longer than until the end of June, but I feel like a month should be a long enough time to see significant improvements. More questions for ACV users.. Did you just use it topically? I'm on my third week of ACV now, and I really see no significant improvements.. I think it got better the second week, but this weekend it REALLY got worse -- lots more pustules and my face is r
  13. uncle buck -- thanks for the encouragement! I was afraid the end of June might be too early, but I'm so sick of waiting around and I haven't seen a derm since last summer (or maybe even before then?) But if I see enough improvements, I'll try to put off the appointment.. I'd much rather cure it holistically! tdot -- thanks for the advice! I do have a question though; my mom drives out to this farm and buys milk "straight from the cow" -- do you think that I could have that dairy? Does anyone k
  14. I have a couple of questions for all of you who have battled/are in the process of battling that monster Acne we all loathe. First: ACV -- does anyone have anything negative to say? I've been using it topically for a little more than a week and I think I see improvement but I can't be 100% sure. I don't mind the burn or the smell. Also, improvement seems to be centered on my right cheek. Second: Is it true that with ACV, it "gets worse before it gets better"? That's what my mom (who is a hug