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    Working out, and fitness are my life. Without them I'd drive myself insane! Music is another savior of mine. Other then that I live for my friends and family and take care of them at all costs within my means.<br /><br />Feel free to check me out on facebook. The url should be in here.
  1. I feel the video speaks for itself . Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way. Special thanks to jennyband, xxkell3xx, onelittleone, and countless others who posted in my log. Never would have made it to this point without the support!
  2. good luck bro...im in my 5th month now...and i've only gotten 1-2 significant pimples in like the last 3 months and mine used to be pretty bad....just get through the first month and it really does get better from there.
  3. hey kell3 long time since i posted in your log! dont worry too much about the breakouts in your ..3rd month correct? i'm in month 5 and i got a random mini cystic pimple on my temple, completely out of the blue, after i thought i was in the clear for so long! my body acne is completely gone which i'm ecstatic about...my face gets tiny razor bumps from shaving now and then, and this one pimple on my temple was the first significant one in almost 3 months! so i hear ya on be frustrated sometim
  4. Day 166 Hello everyone...back again a week later for another update. So today is Day 166, and because of the way the holiday weekend fell, i have to go without accutane for a whole 5 days! I couldnt get my script fast enough before the doctors office close for the weekend. After asking a bunch of people about that, they said it really shouldnt make a diffrence if im only off it for a week or a little less. The effects accutane has on your sebacious glands normally lasts a few months after sto
  5. DAY 160 Hello all! Day 160 is upon me...so that means I am...just over the 5 month mark in my course. Almost halfway through month 5. Now here is where I really need some advice guys, for anyone who reads my log, please respond if you have any idea! I know accutane works differently for everyone, and for the most part I've been pretty clear for some time now, but I will say that I'm NOT 100% clear quite yet... YES my acne has greatly improved, fingers crossed I haven't had a cyst in well ov
  6. ^ THIS. hahhaha although of course in the midst of my IB no one's gonna step up to THAT challenge. anyhow, i can't wait till I'm as far along as you are! Your IB cleared up pretty quick and i'm hoping mine does as well!! >< Though I do think it's different for guys and girls. Bleah. Good luck for your course! =D thanks you very much! and yes the IB didn't last too long from what I remember, but when you're in it, it can feel like forever. but time goes by, and you'll make it th
  7. long time no see >.< lol HAPPY LATE NEW YEAR!! xx

  8. @Geoff - yes I'm from RI haha. I used to work in the Boston area for my uncles electrical company but not anymore. Been working in the Providence area. Day 125 nothing new to report thats out of the ordinary i guess. i still had a couple lingering tiny under the skin flesh colored bumps that you literally couldnt see unless i stretched my skin out. one of those 2 bumps came up today without getting red, it kinda just came and went. as far as my back goes, anyone remember how i said i had 1
  9. for lack of a better way to say this... holy shit improvement! haven't been keeping up with many logs lately cause i've been working a ton, but i decided to stop by and see your progress. honestly man in those pictures i barely see any actual acne, just red marks, and thats phenominal. you must be happy at how far youre coming nowadays! as for my skin, my face has been pretty damn clear for some time now. and today i got one medium sized pimple on my back (the first in about 2 months) so i'm a
  10. good luck bro! and thanks for posting in my log! the first months the hardest, my initial breakout sucked, but dont fret some people dont get them. i think if you have alot of flesh colored bumps on your face when you start, the IB sucks because all of them come up...that was my situation. 2nd month gets better, thats when i slowly started seeing better results. and as for the giddy feeling of starting accutane, i was happy/nervous/anxious/excited and about 100 other feelings on day one! an
  11. thats exactly what i meant when i said feels like a new person! honestly man, when your acne affects you to the point where you dont even wanna look at girls...and you finally start to clear up...you talk to every one you see hahaha. thats man to man. it just gave me my confidence back, i'm not socially nervous anymore, i talk to any and everyone, look them right in the eyes and dont even think about my skin anymore. its really an amazing feeling. just keep with it bro, it WILL work, it ma
  12. DAY 120 So whats up guys! Long time no talk. So i went back on my word and didn't update for the better part of 3 weeks or so...ugh. It's just i've been so busy with 2 new jobs, the gym, and just life through the holiday season ect. Soo I've pretty much been on Accutane now for 4 MONTHS give or take a day. I never thought i'd make it to this point. I remember when I started i thought it was gonna be the most long drawn out process to get to where I am, but time goes by. Skin wise things hav
  13. Day 95 soo not much new to report. have one little active that started forming this morning on the highest point of my cheekbone underneath my right eye. its very small, not painful, and not hard. most likely just a blackhead or small whitehead coming to surface. either way im not worried. with the introduction of the brutal cold weather here though my skin is dry as hell, but other than that can't complain too much i suppose! take care everyone
  14. kell3 - yeah things do change REALLY fast with accutane. one week things are going shitty...then the same time next week you feel amazing about your skin. I'm just waiting for the day where it hopefully just stops. either way i'm much happier now. Day 88 Sooooo its day 88. 2 days until I have officially been on accutane for 3 months! Jeez, time really did fly...but at the same time my first day of taking the the pill seems so long ago. Current condition of my skin is pretty good. that big bum
  15. just about done with 3 months. about 85-90% of acne is gone. still get the couple odd spots here and there but nothing like it was. still have 2-3 months on accutane as well!