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  1. Day 134: Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. But I have good news! In the past month I have only had a few pimples, none of which were too bad! Feels good to be clear except for the occasional zit. Red marks are 90% or more gone. I actually get compliments on my skin now. Feels amazing! And I finally tested drinking coffee again, and it seems to not be a problem at all! In fact I drink it pretty regularly now. (About 3 to 4 times a week for the past couple weeks). Finally the dry skin
  2. Day 100!!!!!!! Can't believe how time flies! Ok so it's been 3 weeks since my last update. Three weeks ago I got one zit that lasted about 2 days. It was a decent size so it was pretty annoying, but once it went away I was clear for the remainder of the week. Then two weeks ago I got two zits that were both really annoying. One was near my mouth and one was on my forehead. They both lasted about two days and then scabbed off. Right now, I have two zits. One on my forehead, but in an area where m
  3. Day 79: Things are going well. I have a couple of things to report. First of all I think coffee or maybe caffeine in general may be an acne trigger for me. Back in early september when I had my random breakout about 1 month into the regimen, I had consumed coffee a couple of hours before I noticed some pimples forming. I didn't think much of it then, but about a week and a half ago I had some coffee and within hours I had two large zits form on my forehead. This is out of character for my skin
  4. Hello! So I was thinking that it might benefit some people for me to write a blog about my acne history, type of acne, what has and hasn't worked, etc. So here it goes, I apologize in advance if it's long I am 22 years old and started breaking out a little under a year ago. I used to have flawless skin until last October when I got strep throat. I was prescribed an antibiotic (azithromyocin) and after two days of taking it noticed I was getting a couple small bumps on my face. No big deal I th
  5. Hey Americaninparis! I'm glad your doing the regimen, I'm sure it will work wonders for you I have really sensitive skin, but I guess technically anyone who has ever had an acne problem has sensitive skin. And I'm pale, so red marks and pimples stand out like a sore thumb! But as you can see from my log, improvement happened very quickly! And I started out slowly with the BP too, but it seems like I was not able to escape the flakes. I still get dry and flakey skin, but I just slather on some p
  6. Hey EricaDer thank you so much for your response, but i'm not really getting breakouts anymore. Since starting the regimen my skin has improved drastically. I can handle two or three whiteheads at any given time, especially because they are really small and usually are on my jawline where no one really sees. Besides that all I have left are a small amount of red marks, which cover perfectly with makeup. So I don't really think I need to change anything. I love my philosophy products! I'm sorry t
  7. Day 64: Hey everyone. I haven't posted in quite a while because there's not much to update. Things are still going fine, but i'm not clear. I usually have a few whiteheads at any given time, but they heal pretty fast and are rarely noticeable. So I guess you could say that things could be worse, but also could be better. I've been on the regimen slightly over 9 weeks so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be fully clear in the near future!!!!!
  8. Hi fruitie. I don't think you will get many responses from others by posting in my log. I don't even get responses, haha. But I am happy to give you some advice, although I don't really have any derms to suggest. Are you on the regimen? If not, you should get on it as soon as possible. It has done wonders for my skin and I'm confident it can do the same for you. But either way try posting on some of the other boards on the website, because others can probably offer you much more info than I can.
  9. Day 52: Overall things are looking great. Only complaints are that I woke up to find a medium sized white head on my left cheek. It crept out of nowhere. Usually I see these suckers coming. But the good news is that by the time I even noticed it, it already had a head. So I popped it , and it will cover perfectly with makeup. I also have a whitehead on my lower left jaw area. That one has been there for a few days so it should dry up to nothing soon. Besides that i'm very satisfied with my skin.
  10. Day 47: It's been several days since posting and I'm happy to say the breakout has healed and even most of the red marks from it are gone. It sucked that the worst my skin has been since starting the regimen (well besides the initial week to two weeks of purging) was on my birthday! That was no fun. But now things are back on track. I just always make sure to go with the policy that when in doubt just use more BP! Just gotta keep on truckin. Hang in there everyone...hope you are all having succe
  11. Hey everyone, thank you for your responses. I'm still dealing with this same breakout and just hopeful that it will heal and my skin will go back to how it was, and get better from there on out. I will update the situation in my log if you want to check it out later this week (under the personal regimen logs). And hotglue, I'm excited to hear from you because I've followed your log for a while! Glad to hear i'm not the only one whose experienced this random breakout. You've given me hope things
  12. I've been on the regimen for 40 days. First week and a half were rough since everything I had on my face basically came to a head. After that healed I was blessed with great skin up until now. (Granted I had red marks, but almost no active acne at all except a small whitehead here or there). I'm having a full on breakout. Is this cycle typical? If anyone has experienced success followed by a breakout please let me know your experience. I still have high hopes for the DKR, but am feeling so disco
  13. Day 40: I'm sitting here literally on the verge of tears. I guess you could say I'm having a full on breakout. If you look at several of my previous posts things were going SO well! I felt (and still have not given up) that BP was my savior. Maybe it is, but I had been nearly problem free for a while, so I'm not sure what triggered this breakout. So this is what happened: I woke up today and things looked normal. Put on my makeup and noticed my left cheek had a couple of skin colored tiny bumps.
  14. Day 37: Cold sore is now just a faint scab. I have a small whitehead on my right lower cheek, close to my lip and besides that things are looking pretty good!
  15. Day 35: Skin is overall doing well. I'd love these red marks to go away but I guess I need to practice more patience with that. Like i've said before their not terrible, but still bothersome. Right now I have a MASSIVE cold sore on my lip I don't think cold sores are at all related to acne, but they sure look just as bad, if not worse than a zit. I'm so upset about it. I swear, if it's not one thing it's another!