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  1. Agreed, Jay. I think that the long-term emotional aspect of acne even after the problem is resolved is very real, and I think that it has the potential to permanently damage our self-image.
  2. dam our lifes is shit ///fuck our lives I wake up everyday and say this. If my acne would lessen I might be able to overcome this anxiety, least of all have a fighting chance. My parents' acne went away in their mid-twenties, so I've got a good 3-6 years if we're judging this genetically. You and I need to change our ways, because once we grow out of our acne (even if we're gray, we'll get there), the emotional scars of isolation may never fade.
  3. For me, I don't know what will help. I've already been through counseling to minimal success at best.
  4. Having to deal with social anxiety disorder and plight of misery stemming from that disorder than to have to struggle with persistent acne like such that I don't even want to get out of the house. I know that acne has held me back a great deal. I see all these people my age without it and I'm so jealous like you won't believe. People say that I could have it a lot worse. True, but it's so upsetting knowing that my acne is always on the verge of disappearing forever, but it refuses and I feel so
  5. I've found that I can eat anything really, just the quantity/excess that I've got to watch in some foods.
  6. I'm scared to death to use this medicine because of everything that I've read from people who've used Clindamycin. I was perscribed this in topical form to use with Differin when that medication rendered minimal results. Would you recommend that I give it a try?
  7. I stopped masturbating for 30 days, and I can tell you that for me it did not clearly relieve the mild skin problems that I have. At about 15-20 days, my skin was at that point as clear as it had been in two or three years (the time that I had developed acne). A few days later I began to break out again. I have a healty diet (plenty of water), good hygiene, I wash my sheets very often, etc. I am entirely convinced that acne is stress-induced, and I advocate that you people who feel there is some