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  1. hey does anyone recommend a hair gel or something that wont make me break out , because i break out if i use hair gel or hair balm or whatever its called thankyou very much.
  2. yeah my derm gave me retin a micro for maintence too, but i think she said if i get any spots just use it then, not use it everyday , and she told me to continue using my wash , do u think i should still moisturize? and for how long ? thanks
  3. ok i finished accutane about 1 week ago , i had no active acne when i finished, now i have small tiny whiteheads , some you can barely see and one u can see but i have about 4 or 5 really tiny ones on my forehead and does this mean my acne is coming back or what is going on >???? Also one more question how long until rednesss goes away??? thankyou
  4. ok last month was nice i didnt get any acne, i just finished my 3rd month and i have a new pimple that started out small but it has gotten bigger and it hurts now , is this normal to get new acne out of no where ? help me
  5. yeah trust me my who family (uncles cousins , aunts etc.....) when i moved from denver they were all like woah what happend to your face , i mean every single uncle and aunt said "what happend to your face" and i have a bout 9 . so that kindof sucks. but also they really dont know what acne is there like what is it a virus a outbreak they even told me that it was "scary" because people think im sick so thats my story. but now i am taking accutane and im in my 32 day so lets see what happens.
  6. so it does absorb then right anyone else agree??
  7. thanks but what i mean is , if u go to the bathroom maybe 3 hours after u take it would that affect it at all or no>??? kinda weird question but just wondering if anyone knows.
  8. ok i was wondering , after u take a pill how long does it take to absorb into your blood or whatever it does, i was just wondering because i dont really know how it works thanks.