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  1. Mulatana

    -Less pimples than before -Less comedones than before -Skin is less red (only after a few weeks thou..coz at the beginning it looks like it's sunburned)!!! -Make skin look more healty after a few weeks, it glows and I look younger (I'm only 23 lol) -Take a while to work -IB can be scary but does'nt last too long so don't get discouraged people!!! -It's drying so be careful...Don't let your skin get to dry, it's not gonna help you in the long run trust me. -It's not
  2. Mulatana

    June 26, 2010

    Hey it's been a long time! My face is now to a point where it improving everyday, I'm so happy!!!! Retin-A is a miracle cream!!! I have a few pimples but it's seriously better than before!!!!!!!!! I also changed my routine and stopped using benzole perioxide since my derm did'nt prescribe me this and it's just too irritating. This is my new routine (improved): Morning: - Cleanser Cetaphil (wash, rinse, wash and rinse again) - Clindamycin - A lot of Mosturizer Cetaphil on relax days or
  3. Mulatana

    June 3rd

    It's been a long time since I posted something here...I've been so busy with the end of the semester but now I'm on vacations so I'll continue updating my blog to keep track of my progress. My skin is far from perfect but has improved very much. I have a few pimples but my general complexion is nicer probably because of the retin-a, wich is supposed to be a miracle product. I started using retin-a on april 21st and put it on my face for 6 days straight (BIG MISTAKE)... My skin started to loo
  4. Mulatana

    may 7th

    I started the topical clindamycin yesterday and it seems like it's a great product (I can't judge by now but this morning when I saw myself in the mirroir, I already noticed an improvment )...This product is supposed to dry skin like crazy and the retin-A as well. So to make sure I don't have to wait 2-3 days because my skin is too dry, I'm applying some strong moisturizing for the body. I'm now putting Retin-A + Moisturizer + non-comedogenic Make-Up in the morning and Clindamycin + Moisturize
  5. Mulatana

    may 6th

    Yesterday, before going to the dermatologist's office, my mother told me that she understand that I'm impatient about my acne because I started a new treatment 6 months ago and everything but she said that she thinks I'm becoming obsessed with my skin problem. She wants me to let go and be patient. Well guess what? I'm not gonna be patient and I'm not gonna wait eternally. If I did wait, I would have wait till july 6 to see my dermatologist...But I came yesterday in her office and she helped
  6. Mulatana

    May 5th

    I went to see my dermatologist's assistant this morning thinking they would send me to hell saying that I need to wait more and more but I was soooooo surprised to see that they ask my dermatologist to see me right away! She saw me in consultation and she declare herself that my treatment was'nt working properly and I was so happy! Then she doubled my actual antibiotic dose and prescribed me another topic antibiotic!!! I'm gonna see her again on july 6th. I'm sooo happy, I'm hoping it's gonn
  7. Mulatana

    may 4th

    Today it's may 4th and I'm less depressed than yesterday because tomorrow I'm going to see my dermatologist's assistants to inform them that after 6 months of minocycline antibiotic treatment, I'm not satisfied with the result at all. I only take 100 mg per day as I used to take 200 mg/day when I was younger. This does'nt make any sense and I'm wondering why am I now taking such a small dose. I know I have to wait another month for Diane-35 to start doing someting but with the antibiotics tha
  8. Mulatana

    may 3rd 2010

    Today, it's may 3rd and I'm so desperate with my acne; I'm 23 and I had acne for the last 10 years or so. I'm getting so sick and tired of looking like crap everyday, I feel like life does'nt worth beeing lived anymore... I can't go out, I don't wanna do anything, I don't want to see my boyfriend cause I'm scared that he thinks I'm ugly, I don't want to see any of my friends either and even not my family cause I know that my acne is the first thing everybody notice when they look at me. Serio